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Diane, or the USTV Anchorwoman, was a news anchorwoman working for USTV. Most of her reports consisted of Government information regarding the Empire City Blast and the Empire Event.

Empire City Incident

During the events following the Empire City blast, many of her news items concern the activities of Cole MacGrath; unfortunately, as the stories were being amended by General Bridges and Moya Jones, Cole's true role in the city was unreported.

Empire Event

After the destruction of Empire City, Diane reports on the Empire Event and the subsequent devastation along the western coast of the country, toward New Marais. In other news bulletins throughout the game she reports the increase of people with what appear to be superpowers and even reports on Cole, labeling him a terrorist and asks if he is the reason for the events. In her last report, she announced that she was taking some time to be with her family. Signing off for the last time she added "From all of us here at USTV, stay safe and God bless" at which point the broadcast was interrupted, for unknown reasons.


  • Diane is one of only two characters who are recorded in live action and never make an appearance with a 3D rendered model.
  • Most of Diane's reports in the first game were focusing on denying the truth about conduits and the possibility of superhuman abilities, as well as stating that the Voice of Survival was a, terrorist brodcaster, after his death.
    • However, this could have been the local authorities' way of using media to calm people outside of Empire City.