Dinner with Sasha was the fourteenth story mission in Infamous. Cole ventured through the Jefferson Tunnel to confront Sasha, the leader of the Reapers.

Story[edit | edit source]

Get dressed, we have dinner plans tonight. Of course I told you. Silly man.
― Sasha, in Cole's mind

Cole was in position on a rooftop across from the Jefferson Tunnel. Upon informing Moya, she advised Cole to infiltrate the Reaper compound above the tunnel and find a way to open the gate. After clearing out the Reapers, Cole climbed to one of the towers to activate the switch to the tunnel entrance. Upon getting the tunnel gate open, Cole hopped down to the street and began navigating through the tunnel. Inside the heavily wrecked tunnel were a bunch of Reapers he had to face.

Sasha sitting on her throne

He soon came across a small facility within the tunnel where the Reapers were being produced. It was revealed that innocent civilians were being captured here, being locked in cages and sprayed with black tar, thereby transforming them into Reapers. Cole freed the people who have yet to be transformed and continued trekking through the tunnel until he came across a deep pit, which happened to be Sasha's lair. Cole jumped down and encountered Sasha, who was sitting on her throne, expecting Cole to show up. Cole engaged in a battle with her within the tar-filled pit. After several attempts, Cole managed to subdue her.

Warped Body, Twisted Mind[edit | edit source]

Cole threatening to execute Sasha

Cole took a good look at Sasha, noting her appearance after the blast and wondering what effect his powers would have on him and his future. Knowing that Sasha had information on the First Sons and the Ray Sphere, Cole knew he had to get some answers out of her, so he grabbed her and forced her to talk. However, the First Sons suddenly blew their way inside and hauled Sasha away before Cole could get anything out of her. As the tunnel became flooded and began falling apart, Cole quickly made his way out. With no way back to the Neon, he pushed forward into the slums of the Warren.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Head into the Reaper compound indicated on your map. To enter, you must charge up the power box to the gate. You will be attacked by several Reapers, a couple of which will be manning turrets ahead. Make use of the containers in the yard to avoid serious damage. Using Precision will help here. After clearing the compound, make your way up to the tower on the right to activate the switch that will open up the door to the tunnel.

Reaper production facility

Upon entering the tunnel, be prepared to take on a horde of Reapers swarming around in the tunnel. There are plenty of vehicles that you can use as explosives against your foes, and chugging Shock Grenades can prove useful against large groups. At one point, you will approach a gate. Shoot the lock in the center, and you will enter into a facility where the Reapers are being produced. Here you will find some caged civilians being made into Reapers. You are not required to free them, but you will earn extra experience points if you do so, but only for those who have yet to be transformed into Reapers. Continue pressing on, fighting the Reapers, until you come across a large chasm, whereupon jumping down, you will prepare to battle Sasha.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Cole battling Sasha up close and personal

Once Cole reaches Sasha's "Throne Room," Sasha will disappear into the pit of tar. She will then sneak up on him and a grappling sequence begins. Afterward, Sasha will begin her regular attacks. She is a powerful Conduit who will launch red shockwaves at you and also send a hallucination of Reapers to attack you. Take a position with an electricity source within reach and stay on dry ground to avoid being affected by the tar.

If you hit her, she will go down temporarily. Approach her quickly and you will trigger a similar button-mashing sequence as before, after which normal battle begins again. Sasha will eventually spawn tentacles that fire energy balls at you. They can be shot or dodged until they disappear. There will be two more button-mashing sequences, and then the boss fight ends.

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Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 14 - Dinner with Sasha

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