Dirty Job is an evil side mission found in the Neon District in Infamous, in which Cole must tracks down and execute a civilian. Cole must be at Thug rank or higher to access this mission.

Objective[edit | edit source]

I know you’re not above getting your hands dirty
― Citizen giving Cole a “job”

Cole speaks with a civilian who wants someone killed, she gives Cole a picture of the target and promises to make it worth his while.

Cole's Target.

She advises that the target normally hangs around Archer Square but warns Cole that the "cops" are already on to her and to avoid being spotted by them himself.

Cole scouts the square, using the picture to find the target, he quickly finds the man and executes him. He returns to the alley and the woman for his reward, but they are ambushed by a group of police officers. Once Cole deals with them he claims his prize, five Blast Shards, that the woman had previously stolen from the police.

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