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Cole: "Oho, Zeke, this spotlight kicks ass!"
Zeke: "Yeah, you mean the Dunbar Beam?"
Cole: "I'm not gonna call it that."
—Cole and Zeke, when the former uses it on the Corrupted.

The Dunbar Beam was a modified set of spotlights created by Zeke Dunbar as a way of

Cole, using the Dunbar Beam to take down Corrupted.

combating the Corrupted without harming nearby civilians.


The beam utilizes the Corrupted's weakness to high levels of UV rays to defeat large groups by severely burning them, while only maybe giving sun tan to humans. The beam's normal application can be used to quickly take out several basic swamp monsters at once. However the beam can also be focused to a smaller area with a higher UV intensity to quickly defeat stronger enemies like the Ravengers. The beam could also be used to melt ice pillars created by Ice Heavy's of Vermaak 88.

Four to five of these lights were installed around Flood Town, and were used by Cole MacGrath when the monsters attacked. After that, Rosco Laroche and his rebel faction use the spotlight to fight off the Corrupted themselves. The Dunbar Beam is last seen in the final battle against Bertrand.