The Dust Man Conduit[1] is one of the two conduits for the Dust Men.


Dust Men RPG Conduit

An Armored Conduit spawning Scrap Crabs.

The Dust Man Conduits are incredibly massive men draped in several layers of trash armor and cloth, armed with a rocket launcher strapped to their right arm. Although the powerful weapon is their main threat, through telekinesis they can dispense an infinite number of Scrap Crabs, three at a time, from a mass of telekinetic energy and scrap metal on their back. Cole first encounters this type of conduit when Zeke asks him to track down his "friend" Dwight, so he can hook up with Dwight's sister.[2] Unfortunately, Cole learns that Dwight was murdered by an Armored Conduit and his crabs.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Telekinesis: They use their telekinesis to create Scrap Crabs. They can create an infinite number of crabs in groups of three. They are produced from a mass of telekinetic energy and scrap metal on their back which acts as a type of kiln for making them.
  • Enhanced Durability: These guys are able to withstand more damage from Cole.


  • Has a rocket launcher attached to right arm.
  • Very tough compared to Reaper Conduits.
  • Can create Scrap Crabs without limit.


  • Try to keep them from firing a rocket by continuously hitting them.
  • Ignore his crabs for as long as possible, for when the conduit dies, so do his crabs.
  • Keep in mind the Shockwave's ability to deflect rockets.
  • If you are far away, don't run in for a melee attack, as this will provide time for the conduit to fire.
  • They have nearly the highest health in the game. Notably, one is able to survive a fall from just shy of the top of Alden's Tower, the tallest building in the game.
  • When the "crab pouch" on his back that is usually yellow in color loses the color, it usually means it has been killed.
  • The Shockwave can kill the crabs in one hit, but while on Alden's Tower, depending on where the conduit is, it takes several hits with a shockwave (unless completely upgraded) to knock him off of the tower.
  • There is a possibility when using the Gigawatt Blades that the conduit will survive more than one strike.


  • These Conduits are the only humanoid enemy in the game that can survive a fall from the top of Alden's Tower.


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