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Dust Men Bombers are enemies that wield Molotov cocktails.


Dust Men Bombers act the exactly the same way as Reaper suicide bombers, but are slightly harder to bring down, due to their garbage armor. It is easy to notice a Dust Men Bomber, as they scream loudly when they run at top speed.

Although they are easy to defeat, they are actually strong seeing as they are able to survive an explosion at point blank, and are almost impossible to outrun.


  • Unlike their Reaper counterparts, they have clearly visible, long cylinder bombs.
  • When nearing the Bayview Hospital in the Warren, one of these bombers will always spawn.
  • Arc Lightning can be used to great effect; this knocks down the suicidal bomber and allows you time to finish him.
  • A Premature Detonation bonus can be acquired when a Dust Men Bomber takes down another enemy in their explosion.


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