The Dust Men have two types of Conduits. However, they are both telekinetic conduits who use scrap pieces of metal and garbage for armor and weapons.

Armored Conduit

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These conduits are weaker than the other type, but they can be more dangerous. These conduits have equipped themselves with bundles of garbage, giving them a strong armor. They also deploy Scrap Crabs that are made from scrap pieces of garbage. The Scrap Crabs are weak, but can overpower Cole easily. If you take down the conduit, then the Scrap Crabs will be automatically destroyed. These conduits are also equipped with a rocket launcher.

They first appear in the mission "Zeke's Request."

Golem Conduit

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These conduits are seemingly stronger than the other type, considering that they are able to create a creature that is a much bigger size than a normal human being. They are rare in the game, only present in certain situations.

They first appear in the mission "The Arrest."

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