What the hell? No, stay away from me! Aaaah!
— Dwight upon finding Scrap Crabs.

Dwight was a former friend of Zeke Dunbar, and was referred to as a real tool.


Early life

Dwight lived in the Warren district of Empire City at the time of the Blast, and was working at a fast food restaurant near the harbor.


One night after the explosion, Dwight went missing, leading his sister to ask Zeke for help finding him. Prior to the explosion that rocked Empire City, Dwight had stolen Zeke's car and sold the parts, an act that ended his friendship with him. Zeke didn't care about Dwight, but hoped to start a relationship with his sister, so he asked Cole MacGrath for help. Cole tracks Dwight to Chummy Chicken, finding his corpse behind the restaurant.

Cole used his Psychic Vision and saw that Dwight was murdered by strange crab-like creatures under the control of a large man. He followed the residual energy of the man, and eventually confronted him, who turned out to be a Dust Man Conduit. Cole defeated him in front of the Eagle Point Penitentiary. Dwight's murder having been avenged, Zeke used this to his advantage and attempted to hook up with his sister. The next day, Zeke called Cole and ranted about the night before, calling it a complete failure, as Dwight's sister just wanted to be friends.


  • Finding Dwight and his killer appear in the mission "Zeke's Request".
    • This mission is the first time Cole will face a Dust Men Conduit (unless the side mission "Chasing Echoes" is completed first).
  • Dwight's sister is never named; she is always referred to as "Dwight's sister".
  • Dwight's appearance is that of an average male pedestrian who wears a beard and a black hoodie.
    • His eyes also blink even though he's dead, a common glitch seen with dead pedestrians.


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