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EMT is a group of allies in Infamous and Infamous 2.

Location[edit | edit source]

Emergency Medical Technician's or EMT's, run the medical clinics scattered around Empire City and New Marais. They ask Cole for his assistance in clearing out the area of enemies or getting back their stolen supplies. Once Cole has performed the required task, a clinic in the area will become available for use, acting as a respawn point should Cole die in the area.

InFamous[edit | edit source]

A wounded EMT

Moya Jones sends Cole MacGrath to help an EMT whos clinic has been over run by Reapers. Once Cole has cleared the area of enemies, the EMT opens up the first medical clinic to Cole.
Once he has assisted the other EMT's he meets across Empire City, he is also able to use their clinics.

InFamous 2[edit | edit source]

Our medical supplies were confiscated. We‘ll have to close the clinic
― A New Marais EMT.

A New Marais EMT

Cole finds himself once more helping the EMT's when he arrives in New Marais. Many of the cities clinics were raided by the Militia and their supplies confiscated. Helping the EMT's also helped Cole, with the medics promising aid if he ever needed it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • EMT's ambulances only appear in two missions.
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