For the almost identical power in Infamous: Second Son, see Draining.

Electric Drain was one of Cole MacGrath's basic powers in Infamous, Infamous 2, and Infamous: Festival of Blood.


Electric Drain iF1

Cole drains a lamp post.

Electric Drain allowed Cole to draw pure energy from various objects in Empire City and New Marais in order to recharge his personal storage of power, the Battery Cores. In addition to recharging his abilities, the power gained from Electric Drain would also heal Cole's body of any injuries he's recently sustained.

Cole could siphon electricity from almost any object connected to a power grid (lamp posts, phone booths, televisions, etc.), though he could only draw a certain amount of electricity before it was drained. Most objects in this category would 're-charge' after a few moments.

Certain pieces of equipment were so overcharged with electricity that Cole could drain them indefinitely without them shorting out, usually in order to let Cole complete a puzzle that requires the use of a specific ability. He could also drain small amounts of power from car batteries, though it was not enough to stop a car from working, at least not immediately, and the energy in a specific car would not recharge.

Cole could also drain the neuron-electricity of most NPCs. This would give him Evil Karma, however.




  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 800 XP
  • Description: Increases the energy drain rate.


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 1400 XP
  • Description: Induction Yield - Allows Cole to automatically regain energy while using the Induction Grind power.


  • Required Rank: Hero/Infamous
  • Cost: 2000 XP
  • Description: Allows Cole to use the Karmic Overload ability. (Lasts 15–30 seconds. Note that Cole can only activate it when he has full Good/Evil Karma.)

InFamous 2


  • Prerequisite: Finish 10 side missions.
  • Description: Cole drains electricity 50% faster.


  • Prerequisite: Finish 30 side missions.
  • Description: Cole drains electricity 100% faster.


  • This is the first power displayed during Cole's escape from Ground Zero at the beginning of Infamous. Cole has no control over it at that time and it seems to hurt him in some way.
  • In the mission "Death Toll" from Infamous 2, Cole is able to drain electricity directly from the thundering sky above him, giving him infinite power source.
  • By using Karmic Overload, Cole gains unlimited energy for a short while. However, the cost is that a large portion of Karma is taken away.
  • When Cole absorbs electricity from an object and it runs out, he can shoot it to recharge it and absorb more, giving him an unlimited energy source.
    • This can be done on nearly any conductible surface, such as dumpsters and trash bins, making it useful when Cole finds himself near death with no object for him to drain nearby, or in a blacked out section of the city.
    • This can be done regardless of Karma. However, it is more easier to do so on Evil Karma, using the Scythe Bolt.
  • Cole can drain energy from the transformers in power-restoring story missions for an infinite amount of time, and is an easy way to get the AC/DC trophy.
  • If Cole stands in a puddle with a corpse, he can drain energy from the corpse just like the sewers' linear transformers, without having to recharge the corpse. Over time, the drained energy slowly moves to the center of the puddle, as if Cole was draining electricity from the puddle rather than the corpse. This does not award any energy by doing so.
  • There is a glitch when Cole drains electricity from something beneath a roof or behind an object, the electricity passes through the object or roof.
  • In Infamous 2, if Cole drains electricity while his energy is full, he will automatically cancel out the draining process.
  • As seen with the Gigawatt Blades, approximately three Battery Cores are worth one gigawatt of energy. With the full amount of Battery Cores, this means Cole can absorb and store eight gigawatts in Infamous and 9.33 gigawatts in Infamous 2.


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