Electrokinesis is Cole MacGrath's primary ability, gained after the Blast.


Electrokinesis gave Cole powers through the neuro-electric energy of others. With Electrokinesis, Cole is able to channel electricity in and out of his body, which Cole makes use of both as a weapon, and as his way of recovering from injuries. Electrokinesis' by-product ability is Electromagnetism as Cole often uses that power as well.



With Electrokinesis, Cole is able to fire a bolt of lightning from out of his hand, which is Cole's primary method of attacking. There are three variations of this attack:

  • Arc Lightning: A continuous chain of lightning that can be held for as long as Cole has energy. With this ability, Cole is able to control the direction where the successive chain of lightning is aimed at, able to wipe out multiple enemies. Consumes energy when continuously used. (Evil Karma only)
  • Overload Burst: Cole is able to concentrate a massive amount of energy into a single bolt, creating a conductive surface of static that chains off to multiple enemies once the bolt is fired. The primary target will be routed with the first bolt, while the surrounding targets will get picked off by the static created after the bolt is fired. (Good Karma only)
  • Precision: Cole is able to accurately aim a lightning bolt as his surroundings slow down, enabling him to focus more on aiming. Once he has selected a target, Cole is able to fire a more powerful bolt of lightning. Consumes energy when prolonged aiming.


He could also use his powers in a passive way as well:

  • Pulse Heal: Cole channels his electricity through an injured civilian or ally, using it to heal their wounds in a manner similar to how it heals him when he absorbing electricity (available to both, but beneficial to Good Karma).
  • Bio Leech: Cole puts his hand inside a civilian's or enemy's mouth, and absorbs all their neuro-electricity, recharging his Battery Cores and healing himself.
  • Electric Drain: Cole can absorb electricity from any object that has electricity flowing through it, recharging his Battery Cores.



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