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Empire City Rails is a circuit of railways going all across the city. Though the different districts do not connect with each other, each district has its own loop going around most of the district.

Activating the trains

Empire Train

A subway train riding normally on the tracks.

In order to make the trains operational again, you must restore power to the borough and complete the corresponding mission, which involves civilians being held hostage in the train. In order for Cole to complete the mission he has to ride the train to the station, clearing the tracks and reactivating fuse box's along the way.

Neon District

To activate the Neon District's train you must complete the mission The Rescue.

Warren and Historic District

To activate the trains in the Warren and Historic District Cole must complete the El Train side mission twice: once in the Warren and once in the Historic District.


  • The signs at the entrance to each station say the same thing.
  • The trains never stop at any of the stations.
  • After the mission The Rescue, no civilians are seen on the station platforms.
  • During the missions to re-activate the trains, Cole cannot activate the fuse boxes in advance of the trains. Instead, he must charge them as the train approaches them.