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Cole gaining Experience Points.

Experience Points, often referred to as XP, are used to strengthen Cole's Powers in inFamous and inFamous 2.


Experience points can be gained by completing mission, side missions, defeating enemies, doing stunts or by collecting Blast Shards.

  • Story missions - 500XP
  • Side missions - 100XP


Labeled as easy, medium, hard.


  • Reaper Thug: 5, 3 XP
  • Mad Bomber: 5, 3 XP
  • Sniper: 5, 3 XP
  • Rocket Reapers: 15, 10 XP
  • Minigun: 15, 10 XP
  • Grenade Launchers: 15, 10 XP
  • Conduits: 25, 17 XP

Dust Men

  • Gangster Dust Men: 10, 7 XP
  • Mad Bomber: 10, 7 XP
  • Sniper: 10, 7 XP
  • Rocket Dust Men: 30, 21 XP
  • Minigun: 30, 21 XP
  • Grenade Launcher: 30, 21 XP
  • Armor Conduit: 50, 35, 25 XP
  • Golem Conduit: 50, 35 XP

First Sons

  • First Son Stormtroopers: 15, 10 XP
  • Drones: 15, 10 XP
  • Sniper: 15, 10 XP
  • Rocket Launcher: 45, 35 XP
  • Cloakers: 75, 52 XP
  • Auras: 75, 52 XP

Changes with Difficulty

Labeled by Easy, Medium, Hard.

  • Collecting a Blast Shard - 5, 5, 3 XP
  • Disabling Turrets - 5, 5, 3 XP
  • Destroying Mines - 3, 3, 2 XP
  • Pulse Heal- 3, 3, 2 XP
  • Arc Restraint - 1 (all) XP
  • Bio Leech - 1 (all) XP

Stunts and defeating enemies reward you with different amounts of experience depending on what stunt or enemy is. For example a Reaper offers less than a Dust Men, but First Sons offer more than all of them. Conduits offer even more experience because they are harder to kill.


The only use for experience points is to upgrade your powers in the Powers section of the pause menu. Depending on the rank of the power, it will cost more or less. Once all powers have been fully upgraded, you still earn XP, but it no longer has any uses. In Infamous 2, XP is used to unlock new powers.


  • Difficulty has an affect on the amount gained. At Easy you will get more experience than on Hard or Medium. However, it will be more than made up with the vast amount of enemies Cole faces in Hard/Medium. In End of the Road, making the infamous choice in this mission grants you less XP when playing hard than playing easy.
  • The best way to get XP is to take your time in the powered-down parts of the city, as there will be many enemies there. This is best done with Good Cole as the Lightning Bolt will gain more electricity as the dark areas have no power. Focus on the turret trucks.
  • For more experience, its recommended to perform as many stunts as possible taking down enemies, as it will net extra points.