Fan Club

Fan club
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Start: Neon District and Historic District
Reward: 100 XP

Fan Club is a series of Good Side Missions found in the Neon and Historic districts in inFamous, in which Cole must protect a group of civilians who admire his heroic actions.


Neon DistrictEdit

"They’re trying to send a signal to the Reapers that the people are on your side"
— Warden Harms tells Cole about his “Fan Club”
Warden Harms contacts Cole asking for his assistance, a group of protesters have taken to the streets, complaining about the Reapers. The
Fan club 1

Cole defeats a Reaper.

warden doesn’t want anything to happen to the citizens and has sent a police squad to protect them and help Cole. The protesters are already under attack, by the disgruntled Reapers, when Cole catches up with them, but with the assistance of the Empire City Police Department's finest, he quickly defeats the attackers.

Historic DistrictEdit

Fan club 5

Taking out a Cloaking Conduit.

Upon arriving in the Historic district, Warden Harms calls for Cole's assistance once more. Another group of civilians have taken to the streets in support of the “Electric Man” and though he has sent police out to protect them, he asks Cole to canvas the roofs in case of snipers. The First Sons numbers are greater, including several Cloaking Conduit's and Grenade Launching Drones but Cole and the police eventually overwhelm the First Sons.


  • The Reaper and First Son soldiers with the rocket launchers can quickly destroy the car the citizens are marching along side. Defeat these to keep as many of Cole’s “fan club” alive as possible.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous Neon District - Fan Club

InFamous Neon District - Fan Club

Neon District: Fan Club

InFamous Historic District - Fan Club

InFamous Historic District - Fan Club

Historic District: Fan Club

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