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Father Ignatius was a priest that appeared in Zeke Dunbar's story. Ignatius was a priest who sat by Mary as she lay on her deathbed and was also the creator of the Barbed Cross, a relic capable of fending off demonic creatures.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Little is known of Igantius' life before he became a priest. Years after being ordained he comforted Mary, a children's governess, as she lay dying from smallpox. However, Ignatius was not the only one to visit Mary's deathbed; a vampire named Marco turned Mary into a vampiress and the pair caused chaos across Europe. Ignatius pursued the vampiric couple because he believed that there was still good in Mary and thought that by killing Marco, he could make her human again.

Unaware that this rule only applied on the first night of a human's conversion into a vampire, Ignatius proceeded to kill Marco, plunging a stake through the vampire's heart. Mary, distraught at her creator and lover's death, flew into a rage and began hunting Ignatius, who had fled to the New World: America.[1]

New MaraisEdit

Ignatius rally mob

Ignatius rallied a mob against Mary.

For the next thirty-seven years, Ignatius hid from Mary, always one step ahead of her. He eventually settled down in New Marais where, alongside continuing his duties to the church, he created the Barbed Cross, a weapon for fighting all demonic creatures, including vampires. Eventually, Mary and the legion of followers she had created in her hunt for the priest tracked Ignatius down to New Marais. Realizing that the recent deaths in the city were Mary's doing, Ignatius rallied an angry mob and went to the catacombs of New Marais to deal with Mary and her followers before she turned the citizens of the city into more of her kind.

Fending off Mary's followers with the Barbed Cross, Ignatius and the mob were soon able to capture Mary. Ignatius had her tied to a Pyre and burnt.[1]

Death and legacyEdit

Upon his death, Father Ignatius was buried in St. Charles Cemetery with his Barbed Cross placed with him in his tomb. Ignatius was regarded a hero by many in New Marais for his actions, and the cathedral in the city was named after him.
Years later, Mary was resurrected, and in an attempt to prevent Cole MacGrath from killing her. Ignatius' grave was dug up by one of Mary's First Borns who stole the Barbed Cross.[1]


  • Although Zeke's story is made up, the Cathedral in New Marais is called St. Ignatius. This could suggest that Zeke took inspiration from Ignatius' life story.
    • There is a statue of Father Ignatius on one of the sets of stairs leading to the Cathedral.



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