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The Firebird Strike is a Evil karma napalm power in Infamous 2. Whilst using it, Cole's legs and arms become fiery and resemble a Phoenix's wings. It can only be gained by using the Power Transfer Device with Nix. Once flying, Cole cannot change directions after activation, and instead flies on a straight course for about two seconds before exploding in a burst of heat and fire. It can usually take down a Militia soldier in one hit.

Notable Users


  • Cole looks like a Phoenix when performing this ability, hence the name.
  • Nix can only use this power during the game's ending:
    • Nix uses the move in the good ending mission where she flies up to the Beast to attack it.
    • Nix uses the move in the bad ending mission as a final resort whilst battling Cole.
  • If Cole and Nix use Firebird Strike at each other at the bad ending mission, Cole will always be defeated.
  • Assuming the player has enough battery cores, this power can be used to get from one island to another.
  • This power is the Evil Karma counterpart of Ice Launch.


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