First Glimpse was the second story mission in Infamous. Cole and Zeke learned of a food drop taking place in Archer Square and went to check it out.


While on Zeke's rooftop, Cole got some practice using his new powers by charging up the batteries along the roof and shooting several mannequins. Soon after, a plane flew overhead and almost hit the roof. Then, the "TV Jacker", as Zeke likes to call, the Voice of Survival, appeared on the television to inform everyone of a food drop in Archer Square. Cole took the "express elevator" to the street below, demonstrating his ability to jump from great heights without harming himself by absorbing the shock from the fall. After taking the stairs, Zeke soon met him down at the street level.

First Glimpse cutscene 2

Zeke claiming the six shooter.

Before heading for Archer Square, the two headed for the parking lot so that Zeke could collect a six shooter a friend left for him. It was hidden underneath a car. Once at the parking lot, Zeke realized he could not remember which car his gun was hidden under, but Cole used his Shockwave attack to knock the cars out of the way, allowing Zeke to grab his gun. After doing so, he suddenly felt "drained". Comparing Cole to a battery, Zeke implied that he must have to recharge after firing off a bunch of juice. Cole then used his surroundings to locate an object he could restore his energy with. Afterwards, the two continued making their way towards Archer Square.

First Glimpse cutscene 3

Trish praising Cole for his good decision.

Upon reaching their destination, they found the food drop nesting in the center of the statue. Unfortunately, the location of said food drop was in quite a high place. Cole took the liberty of using his urban exploration skills to reach the top of the statue, and with one zap from his Lightning Bolt, the rusty metal holding the crates disintegrated and they fell to the ground undamaged. However, just soon after, a villainous faction known as the Reapers appeared and began attacking pedestrians left and right. Cole then vowed that the gang's rule over the Neon District would change now. He then used his Thunder Drop to get back down to the bottom, where he singlehandedly fought the Reapers one by one. Following this, Cole was faced with his first karmic decision.

Karmic moment

As Cole noticed, there was a lot of food to go around. In fact, it was enough to feed a small group of people for weeks or perhaps even longer. All Cole had to do was fry a few people in the crowd and then the rest will run away scared, leaving all the food for Cole, Zeke, and Trish to enjoy. However, food and other necessities were scarce now that Empire City was under quarantine watch until further notice. Hogging all the food would cause others to starve to death or worse, therefore it would not be a good idea for Cole to be selfish.


Cole allowed the starving civilians to take the food in the crates to avoid starvation. Zeke then complained that the food was canned prunes, but Trish commended Cole on his selfless action, saying that the civilians would have died without the food.


Cole scared off the hungry civilians with his powers, giving the trio enough food to last them for weeks. Trish called him out for being selfish by stealing the only food people have seen in days. Zeke also commented on what Cole did, but also mentioned that it would keep them some vittles for a long time, indicating that Zeke was passive to Cole's evil decision.

Ever Been Called a Terrorist?

Ever Been Called a Terrorist?

Cole running away from the angry mob.

After Cole made his decision regarding the food, the Voice of Survival made another appearance by showing footage of Cole seconds before the Blast, opening the Ray Sphere package. As Cole tried to take in what the Voice of Survival was saying about him, Trish became greatly heartbroken over the fact that Cole was the reason for her sister Amy's is death. She then left Archer Square without saying a word to him. The crowd then quickly turned into an angry mob and Cole sensed that things were about to get ugly. He and Zeke made quick plans to meet at Stampton Bridge in order to flee town. As Cole dashed from the crowd, he hoped his friend would show up, seeing as how he is now "a little short on friends".


The first task here is to practice using Cole's powers. Follow Zeke's instructions and use Cole's Lightning Bolts to charge up the outlets on the roof to turn on the television. Then, again following Zeke's instructions, fire the Lightning Bolts at the mannequins on the roof. Eventually, you will be directed towards a large jet that flies overhead (pressing TriangleButton). Next, approach the television to watch a video broadcast from the Voice of Survival, who will inform the public about a food drop in Archer Square.

First Glimpse gameplay 1

Cole in the parking lot.

You will then be tasked with testing out Cole's ability to jump off of tall structures like this building. Jump all the way down to the streets below, and Zeke will meet up after taking the long way down. Before heading to Archer Square, you must follow Zeke to a parking where he left his firearm. It is underneath one of the cars parked next to the building. You must use Cole's Shockwave ability to knock the cars out of the way and allow Zeke to reclaim his gun. Following this, Cole's powers will be completely drained, at which point the game will direct you to use his Electric Drain ability (L2Button) to drain power from the outlet on the building.

First Glimpse gameplay 2

Cole observing the statue.

After this, you will then be following Zeke to Archer Square. Once there, your next task is to climb your up the statue and use Cole's Lightning Bolt to blast the rusty metal holding the large container that contains the food crates. Next, you will be directed to Thunder Drop back down. You can choose to if you wish, but you may risk harming innocent civilians in the are, resulting in Evil Karma. Alternatively, you can just drop down regularly.

Finally, the Reapers will appear and begin attacking. You must take them down one by one. After this is done, you will be presented with the first karmic decision in the game. You can either choose to allow the civilians to take the food, resulting in Good Karma, or fry some of the civilians to scare them off, allowing you the take the food and gain Evil Karma. Contrary to what is advised onscreen, it is not actually required that you electrocute anybody. You will earn Evil Karma just by throwing punches or discharging electricity to scare everyone off.

After making your decision, the cutscene will play, and all that you must do afterwards is just run away from the crowd of angry citizens.


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