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Prime conduit members of the highly secretive organization known as the First Sons. First Son Aura Conduits sport an bodysuit adorned with caution markings on the shoulder and lower leg area. They also come equipped with a pair of gloves and combat boots.


  • Tactical Face Mask: Aura Conduits utilize a specialized face mask equipped with built-in infrared goggles.
  • Oxygen Tanks: Aura Conduits utilize a pair of oxygen tanks that connect to their tactical face mask via a series of connection tubes.
  • Cloaking Module: A specialized wrist-mounted device that bends the surrounding light around a wielder, rendering them almost completely invisible.


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While not shown in-game, First Sons Aura Conduits are by all accounts prime conduits and as prime conduits they possess the following attributes:

  • Enhanced Physical Strength: Once activated, the Conduit gene begins to restructure and strengthen the carrier's muscle fibers, giving them greater physical strength compared to the average human, with their strength being comparable or superior to the strongest of human athletes. Thanks to this, Conduits have been known to easily overpower normal humans; conduits have been seen being able to send a normal human flying back with one well-placed punch or kick as if they were made of plastic. Strengthened leg muscles have apart from allowing the conduit to kick harder also has been shown to allow them to move faster with moderately fit conduits being capable of running up to 19 mph for an extended period of time and being able to lift up to 800 pounds.
  • Enhanced Physical Durability: Once activated the conduit gene begins to restructure and strengthen the carriers skeletal structure including joints, ligaments, and epidermis aside from the muscular system of the host. Thanks to this conduits are able to withstand severe injuries and high amounts of physical trauma that would have otherwise killed a regular human being; conduits have been noted as having survived falls or jumped from a 14 story building without serious injury or having withstood a head-on collision with a trailer, train, or close proximity explosions and still being able to carry on without much hindrance.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Once activated the conduit gene begins to slow down the build-up of lactic acid within the host muscular structure as well as slowing down the production of other fatigue toxins in the host body. Thanks to this, conduits are able to physically exert themselves far harder and longer than would be possible for even Olympic level athletes.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Once activated the conduit gene enables the regeneration and restoration of damaged tissue at the molecular level. It is this advanced regenerative healing factor that enables conduits to keep on fighting despite sustaining significant damage. This could also explain the slowing of fatigue toxins in the conduit's body and could also by extension grant prime conduits a longer life span exceeding centuries. It is also important to note that it is because of this healing factor that conduits require larger doses of narcotics in order for them to take effect. Conduits have been known to completely heal from injuries within 10 to 15 seconds depending on the severity of the injury sustained. Elemental conduits have the added benefit of being able to heal in less than that when exposed to their element.

Powers and abilities[]

Aura Manipulation[]

The power to manipulate and project their aura.

Aura Generation

Aura conduits possess the ability to project their aura around themselves to create what is known as an Aura Form; which not only increases their height up to two stories high but also enhances the force of their strength. These conduits are able to generate enough force to cause a localized shockwave when stomping; the very act of walking while in their aura form has been seen to cause small localize quakes that can disorient anyone within their radius.

Aura Blast

Aura conduits possess the ability to discharge powerful kinetic blast from their Aura Forms Hands.


Increased Height: Due to the activation of their conduit gene, aura conduits have undergone an incredible growth spurt which has propelled them to incredible heights of around 8 feet.

Increased Musculature: Due to the activation of their conduit gene and increased physical proportions, muscular growth has also increased to keep up with the conduits expanding height.


  • A total of 17 Aura Conduits appear in-game, both in main and side missions (based on Hard difficulty gameplay).