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First Son Aura Conduit[edit | edit source]

Firstson Aura Conduit.png

Species: Human Conduit (Prime Conduit)

Affiliation: First Sons

Synopsis: Prime Conduit Members of the secretive organization known as the first sons.

Attire[edit | edit source]

First Sons Attire: First Sons Aura Conduits wear black and brown combat fatigues with caution labels around the sides. These conduits sport a pair of long combat boots and gloves around its hands.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Gas Tanks: Aura Conduits carry massive gas tanks on their person as a means of providing them with clean oxygen in bio hazard-compromised areas (Connects to ports on their gas masks).

Infra-red Optic face Mask: Aura Conduits were face masks with infra-red ocular optics for greater visual clarity in visually impaired zones as a result of fog, and smoke (As denoted by the blue glow). Cloaking Generator/ Fore-Arm Gauntlet: Aura Conduits have been known to carry cloaking generators on their person for the purposes of stealth.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Aura Conduits rely solely on their powers in active combat.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Power Type: Highly Enhanced Physiology[edit | edit source]

Power Description: First sons Aura Conduits posses a far more robust physiology compared to the average conduits built (Ex. Cole Macgrath)[edit | edit source]

  • Enhancement: Robust Physique (Strength)
  • Ability Description: Though not explicitly demonstrated during game play these conduits possess superior levels of strength compare to that of the average conduit given the amount of muscle-mass present on their person as a result of their increase height (Approximately 7 feet 2 inches); this affords them levels of strength far above that of prime conduits of lighter physical frames (Compare your average high school athlete to a spartan 2 super soldier from halo)
  • Enhancement: Robust Physique (Durability)
  • Ability Description: These conduits have been witnessed being able to withstand high levels of physical trauma which would have all but taken out other prime conduits of less robust physical frames (Equal durability to that of the Dustmen Telekinetic Armored Conduit.

Power Type: Aura Projection[edit | edit source]

Power Description: The power to expand ones aura in order to dramatically enhance ones own physical progress.[edit | edit source]

  • Ability Type: Force Amplification
  • Ability Description: Aura Conduits are able to generate greater kinetic force thanks to the force amplifying properties of their aura forms. This enables them to create concussive area shock waves with relative ease as well as emit localize quakes with every step they make.

Mutations[edit | edit source]

Growth Spurt: As a by-product of the activation of the Aura Conduits conduit gene; these conduits have grown significantly in size standing at over 7 feet tall.

Robust Muscular Frame: First Sons Aura Conduits have develop (as a byproduct of the activation of their conduit gene) a much more robust muscular frame, granting them greater physical strength than that of the the average conduit.

Robust Skeletal System: First Sons Aura Conduits have develop (as a byproduct of the activation of their conduit gene) a much more resilient and durable skeletal structure, granting them a greater tolerance for physical trauma in comparison to your average conduit.

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