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Fisherman's Wharf was a location within the Neon District of Empire City.


Situated in the southwest of the Neon District, it was a large wharf, which served as storage for shipping crates. It was easily identifiable with the large neon sign over the southern alley.



Minigun reaper

A Reaper with a minigun, with the Fisherman's Wharf's large neon sign behind him

Fisherman's Wharf was one of the areas within the district that was briefly powered down.[1] After power was restored to this area,[2] it became the central focus point for the mission, "Trish Reaches Out," where Cole MacGrath had to defend a crate full of medical supplies from a Reaper assault.

InFamous 2

Fisherman's Wharf was featured once again, as Cole was heading to a boat there when the Beast destroyed Empire City.


There are several Blast Shards in the area, one on top of the neon sign.


  • In real life, Fisherman's Wharf is a neighborhood and popular tourist destination in San Francisco, California.


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