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It's too quiet around here. Let's go make some noise!
— Nix

Flying Cars is an Evil side mission in Infamous 2.



The mission starts as Nix teleports in sight. She tells Cole that she thinks the neighbourhood is too quiet, and that she wants to change that. Together with Cole, she heads to a few buildings and structures she doesn't like, in the intention that Cole has to throw cars at them.

The mission

Can you throw a car way up here? Let's see what you got, man.
— Nix

Using Kinetic Pulse, Cole has to throw cars at the targets Nix points out. The first target is the top of a tower, where she stands. If Cole hits the target, he can move on to the next, which is the building next to the tower. After the second target, Cole has to follow Nix to a statue she doesn't like, again to throw a car at it. The final target is a boat, and as Cole hits this target, the mission ends.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais. Also, he becomes a bit more villainous.



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