For the test subjects experimented upon by Joseph Bertrand III, see Vermaak 88.
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Forced Conduits is the 28th story mission in Infamous 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

The search[edit | edit source]

Cole arrives outside a warehouse in the Gas Works district following a tip Zeke picked up from one of his contacts in the Militia that Bertrand was keeping a Blast Core hidden in a crate stamped with the Militia symbol. Cole proceeds to take out several Militia soldiers and finds a safe hidden in one of the crates. However, all he finds in the crate are the property deeds for three other warehouses. 

When Cole goes to search the second warehouse, he is ambushed by a group of Vermaak 88 soldiers who come crashing in through the roof. Cole quickly defeats them and locates a second safe, but this one only contains a few Blast Shards.

The Vermaak fill the warehouse with deadly gas.

As he makes his way to the third warehouse Cole is met with even stronger interference from the Vermaak 88, including several stronger enemies. Once he starts searching, the warehouse is suddenly filled with some form of tear gas which Cole must climb above to escape injury. Then he must blast apart parts of the warehouse roof in order to clear out the gas. But, this time as an even greater disappointment, the safe Cole finds contains absolutely nothing.

Cole is interrupted by the Titan.

When Cole finally reaches the final warehouse he has to fight through another band of Milita while trying to locate the last safe. However, once Cole finds the last safe he is interrupted while trying to break into it by the arrival of an Ice Titan. Once Cole defeats the Ice Titan and returns to the safe, he finds that it not only contains the Blast Core he was looking for, but also a briefcase left behind by Bertrand.

The mission then finishes with a cutscene of Cole going over what he found in the briefcase. He details Bertrand's plans to ship forced conduits (various Vermaak 88 soldiers and different species of the Corrupted) to different countries all over the world, kick-starting a "conduit arms race". The cutscene finishes with Cole expressing his confusion at Bertrand's true intentions for these plans, since he only ever seems to give all the money he makes to various charity organizations.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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