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1. Why would Kessler allow John to live when he knew he would become The Beast? In a dead drop John said Kessler told him he would do great things. -Bcraggen

1a. Did he want to create The Beast? -Bcraggen

1b. Did he want Cole to turn his back on humanity? (Killing his girlfriend and making his best friend betray him) -Bcraggen

2. What did Kessler put in the raysphere that made John become The Beast? -Bcraggen

~1. He probably didn't know that John White was the Beast in his timeline. Hell, it might not even have been John in his timeline, so who could have known?

~1a. He did not want to create the Beast, Kessler spent the rest of his life preparing Cole for the Beast. But since John's exposure to Ray Field energy caused him to become the Beast, he appeared much earlier than anticipated.

~1b. Again, he wanted Cole to fight the Beast, not side with it, therefore saving humanity, unless he is on the path to becoming Infamous, which isn't canon. And when Kessler killed Trish, he wanted to toughen up Cole, so that he wouldn't be controlled by his emotions, even if it would mean mourning her death for months.

~2. There was nothing that Kessler put in that Ray Sphere. It was simply made of Ray Field energy, and that's how Cole got his powers. John got them the same way. Gold3263301 18:49, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

~1. Yeah, either he didn't know it was John (Implying that in Kessler's time John was destroying everything for the jollies of it, which seems to conflict with his character, though time travel is weird and could have changed how John reacted to becoming the beast.) or the Beast is just the inevitably of a conduit being merged with a massive amount of R.F.E. (Ray Field Energy). Another possibility is that Kessler knew that John was invincible or might become the beast if he just killed him. - Blizzaldo