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[[File:Zeke_waiting.jpg|thumb|Zeke waiting for Cole on the other side.]]
[[File:Zeke_waiting.jpg|thumb|Zeke waiting for Cole on the other side.]]

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File:Zeke waiting.jpg
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The Fremont Bridge was a bridge in Empire City, destroyed in the first mission of inFAMOUS by Cole McGrath

Before inFAMOUS

Before the events of inFAMOUS, the Fremont Bridge was linking the Neon District and Historic District together, and was the bridge closest to Ground Zero.

The Blast

During 'The Blast' the bridge was devastated by the effects of the explosion, though it remained largely intact shortly after it. Despite suffering some structural damage, Cole was able to cross the bridge in order to evacuate into the Neon but fainted after crossing after a powerful surge of electricity, which made Cole lose control of his powers and damage the bridge to a larger extent. Soon Afterwards, another surge of electricity ran through him, making him lose what little control of his power he had to begin with.

After The Blast

After The Blast, the Bridge became partially submerged by water and not rebuilt. After Cole gains access to the Historic District, Electrical Workers placed power lines across the bridge to help Cole access it.


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