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Frost Shield is one of Cole MacGrath's cryokinetic powers in Infamous 2.



This power is only available to those who chose to swap powers with Lucy Kuo via the Power Transfer Device. It is not available when Cole has Evil karma. The only exception of this is if the player has beaten the game twice with both Good and Evil Karma or have not reached Power Level 3. It can only be purchased after the player purchases Ice Launch.


The power functions similar to Polarity Wall in Infamous, in that it generates a shield of ice that blocks most small projectiles such as bullets. The shield itself recharges Cole's energy if something is successfully blocked.


Ice Soldiers possess a variant of the Frost Shield, allowing them to create a shield made up of pure ice. Unlike Cole's shield, this shield allows some degree of protection against explosion as well, though the shield shatters or simply falls out of the users' hand after the explosion. This variant can get chipped at the edges if hit by gunfire or a conduit's powers. Crushers and Titans possess an advanced Frost Shield that appears to cover every part of their body, like armor (the face is uncovered in the case of the Crushers), impenetrable to gunfire, and hard to destroy with explosions.


  • The Frost Shield is good for using against the ice beam from the Heavy Units and Titans, but does not replenish energy.
  • Despite being a power that only acts as a shield, using it will still bring up a crosshair as if Cole is normally aiming. The crosshair is there to allow the user to control which direction to move shield in, unlike in InFamous, where the shield would only move horizontally.
  • If Cole has Evil Karma, it will appear light orange-red, but will still have a cryokinetic aura around it.
  • Strangely, the Frost Shield is a Good karma only power, unlike its predecessor Polarity Wall.
  • The Frost Shield does not require any Battery core to function.