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Cole standing in front of a destroyed gas station

There are several gas stations located in Empire City.


Scattered around Empire City, they are used for vehicles to refuel with gasoline. Strangely, no vehicles are ever actually seen refuelling from any of the stations. They are of very little importance to the game's storyline, but Cole MacGrath can zap any flammable part of the station, then watch as the whole structure goes up in a colossal conflagration.

The destruction occurs in two parts. The first explosion destroys the pumps while the second ignites the fuel and two tanks on either side of the station, knocking down the sign as well.

The very first time that Cole blows up a gas station, Cole will receive a call from Zeke saying how he saw "The most hellicious explosion!" from their rooftop hideout. Cole then sheepishly admits that he blew up a gas station and Zeke scolds him, telling him that people need that gas. Cole counters by pointing out that Zeke would have done exactly the same thing if he had powers, to which Zeke calmly replies: "Touché, capitain," and hangs up.


Each district in Empire City has at least one gas station.


  • When you destroy a station, in the ensuing explosion you hear ATMs, the storefront, gas pumps, the sign and the station roof all exploding differently and with unique sound, albeit subtly.
  • The gas price for regular is at $8.59 a gallon, showing the effects of the Blast.
  • Every gas station in Infamous has the same design and layout.
  • Ironically, if a gas station is destroyed, the generator on top of them is always left standing.
  • Conveniently, no Evil Karma is obtained from pedestrians killed by gas station explosions, allowing heroic players to "Have a Blast" from these stations.
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