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Gas Works was a large district in New Marais and is considered its industrial zone. With most of its properties owned by Joseph Bertrand III, Gas Works is where most of Bertrand's funds go to.After their escape, Vermaak 88 took control over Flood Town, after being driven out of Flood Town by Cole MacGrath, New Marais Police Department and Rebels, The Vermaak moved into the powered down Gas Works and quickly took over. Shortly after, the Vermaak's numbers were cut by the powering up of Gas Works by Cole, and much of Gas works were destroyed by Bertrand during his final battle with Cole. Shortly after the death of Bertrand the Vermaak's numbers were again cut short after battles with the remaining Militia.


  • Ice Tower
  • Bertrands shipment boats
  • Zeke's Final Roof
  • Plauge Ward


  • All 3 factions can be seen fighting in Gas Works at once.
  • This is the only area in the game where all 3 factions are.
  • It would seem the Rebels and the New Marais Police Department are always spread thin in Gas Works as only 3-6 police are seen and only about 15 Rebels are seen, meaning there is so much enemy activity the Rebels/Police cant handle it.
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