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Gas Works

Gas Works tether
City: New Marais
Status: Active
Based on: New Orleans
Appears in: inFamous 2
inFamous: Anarchy
Gas Works is a large district in New Marais and is considered its industrial zone. It is the most dynamic district in New Marais meaning that it can be affected the most by the player's actions. It is filled with several objects that Cole can destroy anytime including several tall gas tanks, and the pipelines that connect them, as well as several warehouses who's roof and walls can be destroyed down to its internal frame work


With most of its properties owned by Joseph Bertrand III, Gas Works is where most of Bertrand's funds go to. After their escape, the Vermaak 88 took control over Flood Town, after being driven out of Flood Town by Cole MacGrath, New Marais Police Department and Rebels, The Vermaak moved into the powered down Gas Works and quickly took over. Shortly after, the Vermaak's numbers were cut by the powering up of Gas Works by Cole, and much of the district was destroyed by Bertrand during his final battle with Cole. Shortly after the death of Bertrand the Vermaak's numbers were again cut short after battles with the remaining Militia.




  • Gas Works contains the most destructible objects out of any district in New Marais, from gas tanks to warehouse walls.
  • After the death of Bertrand, Gas Works plays no part in the storyline in the game. Although The Beast destroys a Transformer in Gas Works in the final mission when trying to power the RFI.
  • Despite the fact that the Ice Soldiers do not appear until the events of Torn, using the UGC allows the player to access the second island early, where the Ice Soldiers are already in occupation.
  • The fire from the gas tanks being destroyed is not damaging to Cole.



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