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Against the World

A Gas Balloon hovering over the Historic District

The Gas Balloons are a type vehicle that appears in Infamous, that were used by the First Sons.

Description and UseEdit

Gas Balloon's appear in the InFamous story mission Against the World and appear to be a form of highly advanced and modified hot air balloon. They are used by the First Sons to disperse a form of Sasha's Black Tar that had been forcibly taken and weaponized to a gaseous form as a way to control the citizens of Empire City.

They have an access platform which contains its gas distributor canisters and also serves as its ballast keeping it at its desired altitude. Cole can jump onto the platform and detach it from the balloon disabling the gas distributors and causing the balloon to rise into the outer atmosphere, out of harms way. The balloons themselves were unmanned and most likely computerized to follow a predetermined path.


Cole detaching the base of a Gas Balloon

The balloon's main defense is a form of energy shield projected by devices on arms mounted on to the balloon, making it impervious to Cole's basic electricity attacks. However, this can be overpowered by a continuous strike from Cole's final Lightning Storm attack, though the shield will regenerate after a few moments. They also usually come with various other forms of added protection including several UAVs that patrol the airspace around the balloons and fire missiles at Cole; as well as gun turrets that are mounted to the balloon's platform. There is also always a Reaper Conduit protecting the final balloon that Cole encounters.


  • If Cole strikes the balloon while its shield is down, it will explode, seemingly killing Cole at any distance and causing him to fail the mission.
    • Sometimes, there is a small window of time, after releasing the balloons ballast and before it rises out of range or sight, during which Cole can hit the balloon and it will explode without killing him or causing him to fail the mission.
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