The Gigawatt Blades are one of Cole's many powers. Originally a pre-order exclusive, they became free downloadable content on December 9, 2009.


At some point during the events of the Empire City Quarantine, Cole acquired these powers, and used them in his fight to save the city. Later, Cole used the Blades to fight Moya Jones's created Conduits, and David Warner, injuring the latter with the Blade.


Cole forms blades of pure energy around each of his hands which allow him to cause massive amounts of damage while melee attacking, the power also creates a slow motion effect upon contact. This technique channels a high concentration of electricity to Cole's hands. The amount of energy is so great that it becomes visible. Once the technique is completed, Cole charges forward and thrusts the blades into the target. This produces heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal.

Like all of Cole's powers, the color of the blades is determined by your Karma; blue for Good, red for Evil, and black if the ray sphere is activated again. The shape of the blades also depends on your karma. They are one-use weapons and must be re-triggered every time you use them on an enemy and consumes three battery cores. They will also be deactivated with time if you do not use them on someone. The blades are useful against Conduits (save for the Aura conduits), and enemies with high health in general. If used right, they are able to sever arms off of the Golem Conduits.

Later, during the Invasion of Empire City, Cole utilizes the Blades once again during his fight against David Warner and the Military Conduits, this time manifesting it as a much larger version around only one arm. Cole lunges at David with the Blades, severing one of his tendrils. Cole uses the Blades again in an attempt to decapitate David before he counterattacks, sending him flying.


The only upgrades that you can acquire increase the damage of the blades.


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 600 XP
  • Description: Increased melee damage


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 1000 XP
  • Description: Further increased melee damage


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 2000 XP
  • Description: Maximum melee damage



  • Though one can activate the Gigawatt Blades then activate the Polarity Wall, you are unable to use them both at once.
  • This is a perfect power to use for gaining the Up Close and Personal stunt as each blade slashes counts as a melee attack.
  • Attacking a parked car will cause the car to explode immediately, damaging Cole, while attacking a moving car (or a car with a person inside of it) will yield no results.
  • EB Games started selling a Special Edition of Infamous after the game's release. Including a comic book of the game, a steel case, a figurine of Cole, and the Gigawatt Blades included within the game.
  • It was replaced by the Amp in Infamous 2 for better melee and results.
  • The Dust Men Conduits are the only enemies that can survive multiple hits from this power.
  • The Gigawatt Blades appear to be very similar to the double Hidden Blades from Assassin's Creed II, which ironically came out the same year as Infamous.
  • Both Cole and Evil Cole have access to the Gigawatt Blades in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • While the Gigawatt Blades are a DLC ability, they are confirmed as canon by the DC comics series.
  • The Gigawatt Blade's appearance in the DC comics series bears a resemblance to the Blade Power from the Prototype Series.
  • Raiden from Mortal Kombat 11 uses a technique similar to the Gigawatt Blades.
  • Activating the Gigawatt Blades consumes approximately three Battery Cores, meaning three Cores are worth a gigawatt of energy.
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