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The Infamous series contains a number of bugs and glitches, some of which can be used in the player's favor. Others, though, can greatly hinder gameplay.


What follows is a list of glitches within Infamous.


  • If you attempt to jump up the wall of the Jefferson tunnel on the far left corner, you may slide through. If you do this during Dinner with Sasha once you've opened the gate on the side, you'll find no enemies inside. If you make it to Sasha's area and kill yourself, Moya will begin a conversation with you as if you killed Sasha. After this conversation you can save, and reloading will load you into the Warren. WARNING: this glitch may cause your PS3 to freeze, and other consequences have not been investigated.
  • During The Escape, if you stay at the beginning and fire at a cop, it can send you to the Karmic Choice scene.
  • During The Truth in the final fight with Kessler, sometimes when rapidly tapping square to defeat him, the game will not recognize that you are pressing any buttons and thus, it is impossible to beat the game.
  • At the end of the mission involving the electricians, if you kill the electrician near the end of the mission he will still talk to you and his mouth will move, but he won't run off.
  • There is a glitch in the mission "The Escape," in which the player can perform by continuously jumping to the left of the blinking LED light. Cole will end up jumping through the box without having to charge it, but the gate will open anyway.
    • There's also another glitch at the end of the mission, where if you reach the end of the bridge, shoot Zeke to death, and get onto the street before the mission fails, the mission will end, and the camera will move as if Zeke is running towards Cole. From there, Zeke and Cole will engage in their normal conversation, but Zeke will be standing on the other side of the street, though his voice can be heard talking. If you reach him a little later, then the screen will go gray with the death music, but the mission will still end, and the same thing happens, albeit much slower.
  • In the mission "An Old Friend," there will, sometimes, be a glitch where when you get Lou to the bridge, if you look closely when he's talking, Cole's mouth will mimic the words Lou says.


  • Sometimes if Cole approaches an immobile train he will act as if he were hit, not taking as much damage and rocketing off, but bleeding and losing his balance.
  • If Cole lands on an immobile train, sometimes the sounds of a moving train will still be heard in the background.
  • If Cole attempts to stand on the door of a train's front, Cole will stand his balance then quickly fall for no apparent reason.


  • If Cole fires the Overload Burst at a non-conductive surface, such as a building or the street with no cars or people nearby, you will see no effects from the shot but distinctly hear crackling electricity at the spot you fired. If you quickly tap R2 next to that spot, Cole will drain "invisible" electricity and recover up to two Energy Cores. This works in a pinch if Cole has nothing he can drain or charge up with normal shots.
    • It is much less efficient, however, and requires Cole to be away and shielded from enemies, which is extremely risky in powered down sections of the city. It is usually better to use Overload Burst to chain electricity to nearby objects to quickly see which, if any, can accept a charge from Cole and be used as a temporary power source.


  • If Cole is pushed upwards by a grenade in the Jefferson Tunnel, he will fly through the roof and into the water above.
  • Sometimes grenades will glitch, dealing the usual amount of damage but blasting Cole sky high.


  • Police will sometimes go on random killing sprees, shooting civilians after enemies.
  • Police may also shoot each other but this rarely happens.
  • Reapers, First Sons and Dust Men can sometimes be defeated with the minimap showing the enemy alive.
  • During some evil side missions in which you lead Reaper Conduits, they might attack each other with their shockwave attack.


  • While a police officer is controlling a turret, you can run between him and the turret and "push" him away. He will continue to stand in place and use the turret, but his arms will stretch to ridiculous lengths to keep him attached to the turret.


  • When suddenly falling from a high place, sometimes Cole is seen going through the ground as he continues to fall in endless blue emptiness. Eventually, Cole will die and you will restart from the last checkpoint/medical center.
    • Cole may also randomly fall through the ground while simply running around; this glitch is telegraphed by Cole abruptly and frantically trying to wall-kick on thin air. If this happens, quickly tap the jump button and start climbing the nearest object. If he continues to do this even after performing some parkour, your only option is to kill Cole to reset the map, else he will fall through to the abyss.
  • Cole will occasionally get stuck in the death animation, rendering the player incapable of doing anything. After a while he will enter a strange position. This is the standard opening animation for each humanoid character.
  • At Stampton Bridge, Cole can jump through the barb wire gate. Continue jumping on the bridge, because walking will cause Cole to walk backwards as if an invisible wall is there. If the glitch works, the player will be able to travel to the blank island at the bottom of the city. This city consists of lower rendered buildings and the player will fall through the island.
  • If you put the polarity wall on your right hand and bio leech anyone you will suck the energy out of them with nothing on their faces and both of your hands will stretch out in the other direction.
  • While holding R1 and then holding L1 to enter your shooter mode, you'll trigger the animation for when Cole is selecting to use a Touch Action on a foe or pedestrian.
  • Sometimes dead pedestrians appear to blink.
  • If you blow up a car you can still see the driver in perfect condition (They are still sitting down and staring straight ahead). This is the same for InFAMOUS 2.
  • In the Historic District, if the mines deployed by the First Sons are electrified by chain electricity, they will award double the normal XP, as if Cole destroyed two mines at once. This is easiest to see by firing an Overload Burst near an active mine.
  • When shooting First Son Conduits in the head, they will sometimes award double the XP. This is easiest to see against the Phantom Conduits, using Lightning Bolt with Righteous Strike or higher on the Good side, or Sadistic Blow on the Evil side.
    • Though this could simply be a case of the game treating the Conduit's Phantom as a second Conduit, awarding headshots for hitting both as a result. All stunts only award XP for a single target, however, so this is unlikely.


  • During Spy Drones, shooting the megawatt hammer and using rocket redirect to hit a UAV may fly up in the air and hover while spinning. While this is occurring the drone won't stop or land until it self-destructs.


What follows is a list of glitches within Infamous 2.

Empire City[]

After using Lightning Storm on the Beast, if the player goes into water, Cole's blasts are regained. Sometimes Alpha Blasting nearby crates can launch Cole into the air, landing into an incomplete Empire City where the player can only walk a certain length without falling through the map. This can also be used to land on the boats escaping the city, though one of them glitches the game and causes Cole to die.

Falling through the earth[]

It is possible to fall through into a black abyss, stopped by unseen water killing Cole over time which causes an on-screen respawn.

Invincible people[]

Sometimes in the evil mission The Hunt the Militia Death Squad member will die, come back invincible and stay that way.

Charged Amp Glitch[]

If Cole is interrupted by an attack or explosion while in the middle of a normal melee attack, he will be knocked out of the attack but the Amp will have an electrical charge near the base of the fork. So long as Cole doesn't use more melee or a Thunder Drop, the Amp will keep a tiny ball of electricity "stored" there, even while the Amp is sheathed in Cole's backpack. This is purely visual and has no effect on Cole's abilities, however.

Unlimited XP[]

When purchasing a power while test-playing a UGC mission, the XP won't drop, thus (if one has enough XP) allowing Cole upgrade whatever power he wants to (assuming it's already available for purchase).

  • Note: This glitch was later fixed in a recent patch and is now only possible on particular UGC missions.

Stretched legs[]

If a character in a UGC mission is set to "walk" by using the script logic, the character's legs will occasionally stretch to unnatural lengths. This glitch can also happen to Cole. It isn't irreversible as jumping will cause the glitch to go away.

Stuck in pause menu[]

If one pauses the game and enters the powers menu, then exits the menu and quickly exits the pause, the game will occasionally get stuck in the pause menu on exit.


If you aim at any direction (up or down. most noticeably) and blast, then quickly exit aim mode and use Kinetic Pulse (simply pressing the R2 button, not holding it which will cause Cole to lift something), Cole will still look in the direction he was aiming while he's off aim mode. You can stop this by aiming again (the aim mode activated by Kinetic Pulse doesn't affect this, however).

Note: This naturally happens in the final evil mission where Cole needs to kill Nix; by simply aiming and exiting aiming mode rather than the Kinetic Pulse part.

Electrified Arms[]

After Cole acquires the Precision power, if his energy is set to automatically recharge via Bio-Leech Overload or UGC, it's possible to permanently electrify the arm Cole is firing with by draining Cole's energy close to zero, and then rapidly tapping Up on the D-pad, tapping R1, and immediately letting go of the D-Pad all within the same second. If done on the correct frame, Cole's arm will be electrified in a manner similar to sewer missions from the first inFAMOUS, albeit with only one arm lit up as opposed to two. It's also easily reversible, as Cole will lose the effect if you press L1 or his energy completely drains.

Overcharged Objects[]

After hitting an explosive object with Lightning Hook and electrifying it, its possible to increase the charge of the object further, effectively giving it identical properties to the Electrocution Grenade. In UGC, set up object parameters so that if Cole activates a switch, a group of objects become immune to Cole's attacks. During playtesting, hit the object with the Lightning Hook to electrify it, then hit the switch to make the object invulnerable to Cole. You can then use Bolts on the object to increase its charge; the greater you charge it up, the more rapidly it will damage nearby objects and conductive enemies. This can also be done outside of UGC with careful use of Ionic Storm. First, position Cole so that the area of effect for Ionic Storm is near, but not directly on top of, the electrified object, and then summon the storm. The stray bolts near the edge of the area of effect will strike the object, instantly maximizing its charge and making it a deadly trap to any enemies who wander too close. Using Electric Drain on the object will not make it lose its charge, either, which can be helpful, but keep in mind that the blast can still damage Cole just like the Electrocution Grenade.

Spinning enemies[]

If you use Freeze Rocket or Ice Grenade on an enemy or civilian then use Shatter Blast or Punch Blast they will either go spinning or disappear.

Induction Launch color glitch[]

Near the ice tower on top of the building with the spherical water tower on it there is a pole in which you can use the induction power. The color of lightning produced while elevating is blue regardless of Karmic state.

Weird Bio-Leech[]

Cole will occasionally Bio Leech in the wrong direction, draining from the ground instead from the head.

Possessed Redirect Rockets[]

If Redirect Rockets are fired at an airborne target, and said target is destroyed while in midair, the rockets will continue homing on the last known coordinates of the target despite having nothing to home in on. This will make it appear as though the rockets are "possessed"; this can be hazardous for Good karma due to the rockets' nature, as they will continue to build up momentum while flying and can possibly collide with civilians or vehicles.

Nix oil glitch[]

Sometimes if Nix has grabbed an enemy with her tar right before the transfer cutscene she will be a large blob of oil, her hands can still be seen when she moves them. This glitch has no effect on gameplay but is an odd glitch. She will stay like that only during the scene. Nix Oil Preview (Commentary Included, sorry)

Wagon glitch[]

If you go to Flood Town and go to the train wagon where Zeke lives, you can go in. Go to the side that is facing the water and go beside the ladder. Face the ladder backwards. Then turn around, but as you do that, jump. Cole should be gripping the side of the wagon. Then push up on the left analog stick and you should be in Zeke's wagon. The only way to get out of here is to die or to use Firebird Strike towards a corner.

Cell phone glitch[]

Sometimes in the game, Cole will talk to allies on his cell phone even if they were standing next to each other. The opposite happens in the final story mission in the game. If Cole leaves the boat before Laroche orders Cole to, Laroche and Cole will talk as if they were right next to each other.

Floating ice[]

If Cole throws an Ice Grenade on top of a destructible structure, such as Vermaak ice towers or the gas towers in Gas Works, upon destroying the tower the ice left from Cole's grenade will simply hover in the air. Note that they can still be used as ammo by Crushers.

Pole glitch[]

In the Gas Works, there is a yellow metal pole. If you jump onto this pole and slide down, Cole will go through the ground and be floating above invisible water. UGC can be entered here to make a piece of land to stand on.

Grinding drain glitch[]

By jumping on either the Street Car wires in the main city or the train tracks in Flood Town, you can trigger a glitch by completely exhausting all Energy Cores, and then tapping R2 while grinding. Cole will drain nearby electrical objects just like in the first game, and can continue to do so until Cole's energy completely refills. This is very handy when escaping enemies by grinding, but is also inconsistent and slows Cole down considerably.

Weird audio[]

If the player pauses the game directly before any piece of voice audio plays in a cutscene, the audio still plays in slow-motion while the game is paused. When the player unpauses, the cutscene skips up until the point of audio where the game was unpaused. The audio will also be slowed down during certain Story Missions if Cole activates Precision during gameplay - this is easiest to see during the mission Powering Up Gas Works after reaching the final transformer; simply activate Precision while Betrand is talking, and his voice will slow down considerably to match the speed of the gameplay.

Self-Recharging Glitch[]

After an Overcharge mission, Cole's body retains the ability to both store an electric charge as an object and chain electricity to nearby objects. If Cole uses Ionic Storm on an enemy next to him, Cole will be struck by his own lightning bolts - you can press R2 immediately afterwards to "recycle" Cole's energy and recover up to 23 Energy Cores. Cole will also chain electricity to objects under the influence of the Lightning Hook glitch, making it seem as though there is an electric cord connecting Cole to the object. This glitch is similar to how Cole recovers energy in the mission Death Toll, but the circumstances are completely different and will not restore Cole's Ionic Charges.

Militia driver glitch[]

This is a rare glitch. During a convoy mission one of the Militia will be driving in a car as if he were a civilian. He will show up on the map. You will have to kill him to beat the mission.

Zeke in Bertrand's fight[]

In the mission Demons , if Zeke leaves you to fight and Bertrand uses his gas attack as the car is pulling away, Zeke could get blown out of his car. The car will pull away regardless and Zeke will stand there while Corrupted monsters attack him.

Ghost car[]

Any car driven by a civilian occasionally either shows no one driving it or has no one in it, but a civilian slightly behind the car will float in the driving position.

Invincible civilians[]

Sometimes there will be civilians that cannot be killed.

Sleeping civilians[]

You may sometimes see a civilian sleeping on a bench with their eyes open.

Ice Spray Kuo Glitch[]

During certain Story or Side Missions with Kuo after she becomes a Conduit, it's possible for Kuo to keep the ice mist effect she uses while teleporting if she is thrown on her back from an explosive attack the moment she starts or finishes the teleport. The effect makes it appear as though ice mist is constantly being sprayed from her rear end which, while humorous, is simply a visual glitch and has no direct effect on gameplay.

InFAMOUS: Second Son[]

Train Wings[]

Using the dash ability of the Video power at the very end of the train to get on it (ex: jumping off at the end of the train, then using the wings to get back on), then jumping will cause the wings to become much more powerful and last much longer before stopping, also extremely boosting the speed. Prolonged flight usually ends in the game crashes if the player goes too fast.

  • This was silently removed in a patch.

Video Lag Glitch[]

While using Video, turning invisible then quickly turning visible will keep the 'glitching' effect of invisibility (this usually works with turning invisible while jumping then quickly attacking). The effect will continue even if the player switches powers, resulting in some unique results. This will stop if the player dashes into a vent or satellite (while using Smoke or Video, respectively).

Revisit Augustine boss fight location[]

By using any of the two satellites on the east bridge, then dashing off into the direction of the ocean, the player will eventually get to revisit the Augustine boss location. Can't be done except with Video.

  • Can be exited.

Revisit Abigail's boss fight location[]

Further down the way, using exactly the same trick mentioned above. Will require the player to look for an opening but fairly easy to enter.

  • Can't be exited. Must close and reopen the game to return to the city.


  • When Cole drains electricity from something beneath a roof or behind an object, the electricity passes through the object or roof.

Bio Leech[]

  • While selecting Bio Leech on a downed enemy or pedestrian who is right next to a dead character or object, Cole will walk up to the leech victim, but continue to walk for a few seconds then eventually cease. You won't gain any XP or energy for this, and the downed enemy or pedestrian will look as if you're grabbing them to be Bio Leeched.
    • This is, however, useful if an enemy or attacking pedestrian is knocked to the ground and is still alive. If you attempt to leech them and fail, you can aim at the head and fire and you'll gain an infinite Head Shock XP.
  • In InFamous 2, if Cole is killed while Bio Leeching an enemy or pedestrian, he will be knocked off the NPC and the player will hear the music which comes when Cole has died. However, if he was able to finish before the final shot, Cole's health and energy will have returned to maximum.
    • In InFamous however, doing this on any NPC will always result in instant death, no matter if you had finished the button sequence before the final shot.
  • Occasionally, a glitch may occur in which Cole Bio Leeches a civilian and then remains in the area, resulting in the leeched civilian getting back up and walking away as if nothing happened.
    • This does not occur with enemies, however.