Maybe you should help out. Know what I mean?
— A New Marais citizen offers his advice.

Going Overboard is a side mission in Infamous 2.



Going Overboard 3

Clearing the boat.

Cole MacGrath meets a civilian who announces that the "fascists" are unloading fresh supplies and suggests Cole helps out.

Quickly making his way to the swamp where two Militia boats are moored. Cole deals with the Militia members protecting the first boat before throwing the precious supplies overboard. Leaping across to the second boat, Cole begins "unloading" crates of food and medicine and a truck into the bay before being attacked by Militia members on the shore. Defeating the remaining Militia Cole finishes clearing the boats, leaving the Militia without their supplies.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais.


  • Cole can throw the crates at the Militia members attacking him.
  • The mission ends as soon as all 22 items are off of the boats.



InFamous 2 New Marais - Going Overboard

InFamous 2 New Marais - Going Overboard


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