I saw swamp monsters heading to Ascension Parish. If we don't get there first, it will be a massacre!
— Kuo telling Cole what's happening.

Good Deed is a Good karma side mission in Infamous 2.



Good Deed 3
Cole MacGrath meets Kuo who tells him that she saw several of the Swamp monsters heading towards Ascension Parish, worried that the monsters will start killing civilians she suggests they get there first. Kuo quickly takes flight, leaving Cole to chase after her.

The missionEdit

Reaching Ascension Parish the pair are quickly ambushed by a large group of Swamp monsters, drawing his Amp Cole, alongside Kuo, begins to deal with the group. Once the first group are defeated Cole follows Kuo to a second group, terrorizing the civilians at the St. Charles Cemetery area. Quickley coming to the rescue the pair then face a Ravager as well as two more groups of Swamp monsters. With their combined powers the conduits deal with the corrupted, restoring peace to the area.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais. Also, he becomes a bit more heroic.



InFamous 2 Ascension Parish - Good Deed

InFamous 2 Ascension Parish - Good Deed



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