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Good Gets Better is the 16th story mission in Infamous 2.



Cole and Zeke

After retrieving the Blast Core from St. Charles Cemetery, Cole meets Zeke on a roof over looking Fort Philippe. After asking if his friend is on a stakeout, Cole learns that Zeke has heard that the device Joseph Bertrand III used on Lucy Kuo is being moved around, and he believes that it will end up at the Fort. Cole then produces the Blast Core and asks if Zeke will "Stick around" while he sleeps off the affects, Zeke confirms he "isn't going anywhere" before coughing violently. Cole asks his friend if he's ok, Zeke replies that he's "fit as a fiddle" to which Cole jokingly replies "That's one big ass fiddle". Activating the Blast Core surrounds Cole in electricity and catapults him into the air before he collapses, unconsciously to the floor.

Awakening, Cole moans that it isn't "getting any easier" before learning about the new powers the Blast Core has given him: demonstrating an improved Static Thrusters ability as well as the ability to launch himself into the air by jumping off of cars and regaining Precision to focus his bolts into sniper like shots .


  • This mission consists of a cutscene, and yet is considered a mission as it has its own mission start point.
  • This is the first of three times in the game where Cole regains a power that he already had after using a Blast Core.
  • This mission contains the first clue that Zeke has caught the plague.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 2 17 - Good Gets Better

InFamous 2 17 - Good Gets Better


Infamous 2

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