Good gets Better was the sixteenth story mission in Infamous 2. Cole was ready to activate the blast core he found back at St. Charles Cemetery.

Story[edit | edit source]

Cole and Zeke observing the fort

Cole found Zeke on a roof in Ascension Parish, overlooking Fort Philippe. After some detective work, Zeke revealed that the device Bertrand used on Kuo was being moved around, and he believed that it would end up at the fort. Ready to absorb the new blast core he found, Cole asked Zeke if would stick around while he sleeps off the effects. Zeke assured him he would, seconds before letting out a violent cough.[note 1] Cole asked if he was alright, and Zeke assured him he was "fit as a fiddle."

Absorbing the blast core surrounded Cole in electricity and catapulted him into the air before he collapsed unconsciously to the floor. Upon awakening the next day, Cole moaned, stating that it was not "getting any easier" before learning about the new powers he was given. He demonstrated the use of his improved Static Thrusters, the ability to launch himself into the air by jumping off of cars, and Precision to focus his Bolts into sniper-like shots.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon starting this mission, you wait for Cole to absorb the blast core. As time shifts from night to day, you are presented with some new abilities: Precision, Induction Launch, and improved Static Thrusters.

You will first be required to test out Cole's improved thrusters, which now allow him to glide slightly faster and farther, as well as give him a slight upward boost. Test them out by gliding off the building you are on. Soar until you have reached the required distance.

Next, the game will task you with performing an Induction Launch, which is a move that allows Cole to launch himself off of vehicles. There are plenty of them parked around the area; pick one to jump off of (pressing X).

Finally, you will need to test out Cole's Precision ability. There are no enemies around to test it out on, so will simply have to fire a few shots wherever to fulfill the task. To use Precision, hold down U and press R1 as usual to fire. Remember that use of this power depletes Cole's battery cores quickly, so when fighting enemies, stick to targeting their heads, rather than other body parts. The mission ends once three Precision shots have been fired.

Video[edit | edit source]


Infamous 2 - Story Mission 16 - Good gets Better

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is the first clue that Zeke has caught the plague.
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