Grave Danger Is a side mission found in the Neon District in Infamous.


Hello Terrorist. My brothers and I have arranged a little party for you
— The disguised Reaper taunts Cole.

Cole meets a concerned citizen in the small cemetery on the outskirts of the Neon, however as soon as Cole approaches the man, he informs Cole that he and his brothers had a surprise for him. Transforming into a Reaper Conduit the man teleports away to his "brothers" a group a Reapers waiting to ensnare Cole.
Leaping out of the way of a Mad Bomber Cole moves quickly to defeat the group of Reapers, driving them out of the area.


  • This is the only mission where a Reaper actually speaks.



InFamous Neon District - Grave Danger

InFamous Neon District - Grave Danger

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