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This article is about Guardian. For the next rank, see Champion.
This article is about Guardian. For the final rank, see Hero.

Guardian is the first Good Karma rank in Infamous and Infamous 2, and the second Good Karma rank in Infamous: Second Son. At this rank, Cole MacGrath will be widely and generally respected.



Hey, someone had to help them
― Cole MacGrath on his actions[src]


Cole at Guardian Rank in Infamous.

Reaching the Guardian rank, Cole will be able to unlock the lowest rank of good power upgrades. The citizens of Empire City will begin to widely accept him. The Guardian rank will automatically be achieved in the mission "First Glimpse" if Cole lets the citizens get their fair share of the food crates.


Cole's appearance will remain as usual, and he maintains his blue electricity.

Infamous 2


Hey, I'm not gonna start torching families just to make my life "a little easier".
― Cole MacGrath on his actions.[src]


Cole at Guardian Rank in Infamous 2.

Reaching the Guardian rank, Cole will be able to unlock the lowest rank of good powers. In addition, he unlocks the Civilian Safety boost in which civilians take little to no damage from Cole's powers. The citizens of New Marais will begin to accept him. This Karmic rank can be unlocked in the first mission "Breaking into New Marais", by choosing to lower the bridge without overcharging the generator, or by importing your good trophy set from Infamous.


Cole's appearance remains the same, but slightly cleaner. He will keep wearing his ordinary yellow and black T-shirt, and he will maintain his blue electricity.

Infamous: Second Son

ISS - Guardian rank


Reaching the Guardian rank, Delsin will unlock the first tier of good powers. This rank can be achieved after having done enough good deeds at Protector rank.


Delsin's appearance will remain the same, with the exception of the logo on his jacket having changed from the two birds slightly tilted to the right (Protector), to the white/blue bird that represents good karma having become larger.