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For the mission of the same name, see Heaven's Hellfire.
Heaven's Hellfire 1
Heaven's Hellfire
is a video game mentioned in the inFAMOUS Universe, appearing in Infamous: Second Son. The way Eugene Sims utilizes his Video power is inspired by this game. He refers to it as a virtual reality where he could, "summon angels to protect the victims and demons to punish the bullies".


Heaven's Hellfire appears to be a console game. Eugene Sims used to play this game when he was bullied, and it would make him feel better. One day at school, Eugene unlocked his Power and unleashed a demon on a school bully, following which Eugene was taken in by the Department of Unified Protection which was made to look like a school (of sorts) to "gifted ones". His powers remained inspired by this game, and he is rarely (only while he was captured by the DUP) seen creating something that isn't related to Heaven's Hellfire.

Ironically, several games appear in Eugene's hideout, and this game isn't one of them.


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