Hidden Package was a series of neutral side missions in Infamous. Cole would discover a secret package from a dead enemy.


Whenever Cole killed an enemy, there was a chance of spawning one of these missions. All Cole had to do is find a well-hidden package seen in his vision. Cole would walk up to the corpse of the fallen enemy and using Psychic Vision, would learn the location of the hidden package. A radius would appear on Cole's GPS, helping him to locate his prize. The package would contain five blast shards.


The psychic image of the package may be viewed any time by clicking R3Button. The packages are easier to find by looking for discernible features or structures (such as statues, signs, buildings in background, etc.) while looking at the psychic image.

Package locationsEdit


  • Since Psychic Vision is not used in Infamous 2, when Cole walks up to the corpse of a dead enemy, he manually takes a photo from them instead.
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