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Hit Squad

Hit squad
Prev: Angry Mob
Next: New Friends
Start: Neon District
Reward: 100 XP

Hit Squad Is one of the Evil Side Missions found in the Neon District in inFamous, in which Cole is being hunted by a Empire City Police department SWAT team.


Hit squad 1

Tracking the Hit Squad.

Cole heads to one of the back alley’s of the Neon, to meet an informant who warns him that “The police have a hit on you. Move now, and you can get the jump on them”. Cole makes his way to the streets and quickly tracks down the SWAT team, the highly trained officers try to take Cole down, but he swiftly defeats the team sent to take his life.


  • Cole must be at Thug rank or higher to access this mission.
  • The “hit squad” consist of 10 to 15 police officers who surround a police car as they march down the streets. If Cole destroys the car he can take out a great number of the police in one go.


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InFamous Neon District - Hit Squad

InFamous Neon District - Hit Squad

inFamous: Neon District - Hit Squad

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