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Ice Beams being used against swamp monsters.

Ice Beam is one of the powers used by cryokinetic Conduits, as seen in Infamous 2.[1]


It is a powerful beam made up of frigid air, causing damage to anything in its path. There are only three different Conduits in InFamous 2 that have this ability. The intensity of the beam varies with each Conduit, and has several variants.[1]

  • Lucy Kuo: She throws several orbs of frozen air towards the enemy.
  • Ice Heavy: They can use a powerful ice beam, consisting of a continuous stream of frigid air. This is also their only method of attack. Their Ice Beams are only used when they are on top of their Ice Pillars.
  • Ice Titans: They use both of their hands to emit a variation of the beam, much more powerful than those of the Ice Heavies.


  • Ice Beams can be blocked easily with the Frost Shield. This method is only available if Cole has Good karma, or during the mission "Aftermath," after playing both karmic sides. However, Cole will not obtain any restored power if done so.


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