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The Ice Conduit side missions is a series of Good Side Missions in Infamous 2. In these missions, Cole is assisted by a defecting Ice Soldier.[1]


Unlikely AlliesEdit

Main article: Unlikely Allies

Cole receives a call from Kuo stating that she has been contacted by a member of Vermaak 88 who has defected and wishes to help Cole. He meets up with the Ice Soldier, who says he knows where the Ice Gang is keeping a cache of Blast Shards. On the way, they must fight ambushing corrupted. When they reach the Ice Soldiers guarding the cache, the defector states that Cole must fight them alone, as he is more useful if his identity remains secret and that he will contact them again.[1]

Stay FrostyEdit

Main article: Stay Frosty

Kuo phones Cole saying that once again the Ice Soldier Defector has contacted her. Upon meeting him, Cole discovers that he has mutated into an Ice Heavy. He states that he needs help fighting the corrupted, as there are too many for him to fight alone. After the corrupted are defeated, he says that the surrounding people owe them their lives.[1]

The Big ChillEdit

Main article: The Big Chill
He's... put on some weight.
— Lucy Kuo on the Ice Conduit's recent mutation.[1]

The Ice defector has further mutated into a Titan and displays a deteriorating mental state. Cole must help him defeat Ice Soldiers in two of Bertrand's warehouses. He then has to chase down and defeat two escaping Ice soldiers.[1]

Mercy KillEdit

Main article: Mercy Kill
I'm as strong as you, Cole!
— The Defected on his powers.

Kuo meets up with Cole, informing him that the defector has become too dangerous to be kept alive due to his insanity. The two track him down and find him in a battle with the police, and must defeat him. The mission ends with Kuo saying she thinks he was glad they were there to stop him.[1]


Upon completion of each mission, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais.


  • The Defector appears to skip the Crusher mutation stage throughout the series of missions.[1]
  • By completing all of the Ice Conduit Side Missions, a Trophy (Frozen Asset) is awarded.[1]

Video walkthroughsEdit

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