Ice Launch is one of Cole MacGrath's new powers in Infamous 2.


Ice Launch is one of the powers Cole will gain from Lucy Kuo if it's her he picks to use the Power Transfer Device with.[1] This power allows Cole to propel himself high into the air by rapidly creating an ice stalagmite at his feet. This will send him into the air much like a powerful springboard, allowing him to achieve greater height and distance.

Ice Launch serves a similar function to Car Jump. When used in combination with Static Thrusters, Cole is able to move around the city much faster. Also, if used while running, this move launches Cole farther and higher in the air than a jump ever could. It is also useful when trying to escape large groups of enemies, and could even serve as a benefit for using Thunder Drop, without having to climb any tall structures. It uses up 1 - 1/2 of energy from Cole's battery cores.

Other users of this power besides Kuo are the Ice Soldiers and Crushers. The Ice Soldiers use smaller versions, but they propel them much further than what Cole's does. Crushers don't exactly create a pillar of ice, but they are able to propel themselves farther just by jumping.


  • The low-ranking Forced Conduits also use this power in battle (similar to how Reaper Conduits use teleportation).
    • They can, however, jump nearly unlimited ranges, thus giving the impression they can launch higher than Cole.
  • In a past interview, Sucker Punch called this the Ice Jump.
  • It's one of the only flying/jumping type moves such as Firebird Strike or the Detonation Blast.
  • This power is the Good karma counterpart of Firebird Strike.
  • Kuo also owned this power, but was never seen using it. Instead, she could use icicles to throw enemies at Cole's feet, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


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