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Cole fighting an Ice Heavy on his ice pillar

Ice Pillar was an ability used by cryokinetic Conduits in Infamous 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ice Heavies[edit | edit source]

Using their cryokinetic powers, a Conduit could create a tall pillar, made purely of ice, and stand on top of it. While on top, the Conduit could gain an advantage of being on higher ground and it would provide some slight cover. The pillar was very brittle, and could shatter into pieces when hit with an explosion or multiple bolts.

Lucy Kuo[edit | edit source]

Lucy Kuo was another Conduit who was able to deploy ice pillars. In the final mission "The Final Decision," when Cole MacGrath had to fight Kuo (in the Good karma side of the mission), Kuo would use her powers to create an ice pillar, just like the heavy Icemen.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cole can stand on top of an ice pillars. This could serve as an advantage for him as well, as he'll be on higher ground when fighting enemies.
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