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The Ice Tower.

The Ice Tower was a large tower inhabited by the Vermaak 88, located at the Gas Works district of New Marais.


The tallest building in New Marais, the tower is an industrial building found in the Gas Works section of New Marais that has been covered from base to peak in ice to fortify it as a base for the Vermaak 88 while they carry out their operations in New Marais. Most of the Vermaak could be found at the Ice Tower, as it was the location where they kept their Blast Core.

During the mission Death Toll, the Vermaak 88 general places their Blast Core at the top of the tower in an attempt to harness the lightning from the occurring thunderstorm and activate the Blast Core. Cole retrieves the Blast Core by opening several valves on the tower and causing the top of the tower to catch fire in an explosion, melting the ice encasing the Blast Core. The top of the Ice Tower remains changed in this way for the remainder of the game.


  • The Ice Tower is another building you must climb in order to get the Mountaineer trophy.
    • Also, if you Thunder Drop from its peak, you can earn the Thunder Flop trophy.
  • Even if Cole clears out all Ice Soldiers from New Marais, the tower will still have ice on it.




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