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There are many new Powers limited to inFamous 2, along with a new Powers system, often referred to, by fans, as Power Customization. It should be noted that he may have learned how to generate infinite electricity, as he does so in Empire City and in New Marais, both times battling The Beast

"powers don't kill people. Oh no... it's the person behind the powers that kill people"
— cole


Main article: Bolts
  • Alpha Bolt: A lightning bolt, pure and simple. The standard type of bolt that Cole starts out with at the beginning of the game.
  • Pincer Bolt: A cunning electrical attack that strikes enemies from three sides simultaneously, intensifying damage. Power Level 1.
  • Artillery Bolt: Enemies aren't safe at any distance from this extra long range, arching attack. Power Level 1.
  • Magnum Bolt: A single burst of unparalleled damage. This is a true lightning bolt. Power Level 2. Good Karma only.
  • Skull Bolt: Headshots with this power cause the enemy to explode. Power Level 2. Evil Karma only.
  • Bolt Stream: Hold R1 to unleash a pounding stream of bolts. Power Level 3. Good Karma only.
  • Scythe Bolt: A wide swath of five times overcharged electricity. Power Level 3. Evil Karma only.


Main article: Blasts
  • Alpha Blast: A strong kinetic shockwave that sends objects flying and knocks enemies off their feet. The standard type of blast that Cole starts out with at the beginning of the game.
  • Detonation Blast: A swirling ball of caged kinetic energy that sticks to whatever it hits, eventually exploding with terrible force. If Cole jumps when close to it he'll harness the energy for a super jump. Power Level 1.
  • Sniper Blast: DLC power from Schick Razors. Power Level 1.
  • Lightining Hook: Cole pulls objects and enemies towards him with an electrical beam. Power Level 1.
  • Graviton Blast: A blast that temporarily lowers the gravity of anything it sends flying. Enemies are helpless as they hang in the air. Power Level 2. Good Karma only.
  • Punch Blast: A longer, narrower blast that slams into people and objects, sending them flying for more damage. Power Level 2. Evil Karma only.
  • Shatter Blast: Cole throws out a handful of spikes, then blasts them at his enemies. Power Level 3. Good Karma only.
  • Nightmare Blast : A Cloud of ash and smoke that blinds and disorients all enemies caught in its area of effect. Power Level 3. Evil Karma only.


Main article: Grenades
  • Alpha Grenade: A potent electric charge that when detonated releases tremendous kinetic energy. The standard type of grenade that Cole starts out with at the beginning of the game.
  • Sticky Grenade: A long-range grenade that sticks to enemies and breakable objects, perfect for demolitions and humiliating opponents. For stylish throws, hold down the Square Button to bounce the weapon off walls. Power Level 1. Good Karma only.
  • Double Grenade: A grenade that explodes once upon impact, then bounces upwards and explodes a second time. Power Level 2. Evil Karma only.
  • Ice Grenade: A grenade that creates a cluster of ice spikes when it detonates, knocking enemies away and providing some shelter. Power Level 2. Good Karma only.
  • Napalm Grenade: Power Level 2. Evil Karma only.
  • Cluster Grenade: A vicious grenade that splinters in air, raining down small, sticky grenades on everyone below. Power Level 3.
  • Electrocution Grenade: DLC power from the Hero Edition or a pre-order from Wal-Mart.
  • Stalker Grenade: A grenade that, when lands, will "hop" to the nearest enemy and detonate seconds later. This is an exclusive power one could get from a Subway Promotion.


Main article: Rockets
  • Alpha Rocket: The standard type of rocket that Cole starts out with at the beginning of the game.
  • Redirect Rocket: Similar to Good Karma Megawatt Hammer from the first game. After firing a rocket, Cole can redirect it mid-flight by hitting an enemy or object with a Bolt attack. Power Level 1. Good Karma only.
  • Tripwire Rocket: The first variant of the Alpha rocket to been seen. Cole fires two rockets connected by an electrical tether from his hands. Power Level 1. Evil Karma only.
  • Sticky Rocket: This move bears great similarity to pincer bolt and sticky grenade. A rocket that splits when approaching a target, breaking into homing charges that attach to nearby enemies. Power Level 2.
  • Freeze Rocket: An enormously condensed ball of sub-zero gas that instantly freezes enemies on contact. Power Level 3. Good Karma only.
  • Hellfire Rockets : Pummels opponent repeatedly for increasing damage. Power Level 3. Evil Karma only.

Misc Powers

The R2 Button is used for Cole's extra powers.

  • Kinetic Pulse: Cole creates an electromagnetic field to lift cars and other objects, which will create an electric explosion when they hit something. Press and hold R2 to pick things up. Use Right Analog Stick to aim, and the X Button to throw. Power Level 1.
  • Lightning Tether: Lightning Tether is the ability to use a rope of electrical energy and pull Cole to a building, or object, it can be moving or stationary. It the most efficient form of travel, especially for climbing.
  • Ice Launch : Power Level 2. Good Karma only.
  • Firebird Strike: Power Level 2. Evil Karma only.
  • Frost Shield: Works similarly to Polarity Wall from the first game. Forced Conduits also use this power. Power Level 3. Good Karma only.
  • Spikers : Summons 3 spikers at a time to fight for Cole, up to a maximum of 12 spikers. Power Level 3. Evil Karma only.
  • Camera: even though not a power, Camera is used in Misc powers only in missions that involves using a camera.

Ionic Powers

The Down Button is used for Cole's stronger powers. To keep gameplay balanced, Cole has to collect energy in the form of purple orbs known as Ionic Energy in order to use these powers, when fully upgraded Cole can have 3 disposals of purple orbs on him at once. The following powers can be considered desperation attacks as in the game he only uses them when he is near death e.g. his second encounter against the Beast.

  • Ionic Vortex: Cole creates an electrified tornado.
  • Ionic Freeze: Cole creates a field of ice stalagmites. Good Karma only.
  • Ionic Drain: Cole drains the life force of surrounding enemies. Evil Karma only.
  • Ionic Storm: Cole rains down deadly lightning bolts from the sky.

Amp Upgrades

Cole can Upgrade and Gain abilities that changes how he uses The Amp while fighting enemies.

  • Melee: When not aiming, press the Square Button to attack with the Amp.
  • Finisher Attacks: Land a couple of hits with the Square Button, then execute a strong finishing move with the Triangle Button. To do the finisher moves, Cole has to charge up a small meter. Power Level 1.
  • Ultra Attacks: Even stronger than Finishers, Ultra Attacks are available after a longer hit combo. This also adds more space to the Finisher Move meter. Power Level 2.
  • Ultra Drain: Fully replenishes Cole's energy when he hits an enemy with an Ultra attack. Power Level 3.
  • Quicker Combos: Cole is now able to use finishers after a single hit and ultra attacks after 2. Power Level 3.


  • Megawatt Drain: Cole drains electricity 50% faster (4.5 seconds max to drain any object). Power Level 1.
  • Ionic Charge 2: Allows you to store up to two Ionic Charges (these are what let you use Ionic attacks). Power Level 1.
  • Gigawatt Drain: Cole drains electricity 100% faster (3 seconds max to drain any object). Power Level 2.
  • Ionic Charge 3: Allows you to store up to three Ionic Charges. Power Level 2.
  • Precision: Enhanced: Increases time slowing effect and zoom of precision. Power Level 3.
  • Blast Shard Sense: The nearest blast shard is shown at the edge of the radar when using radar pulse. Power Level 3.

Karmic Boosts

  • Bolt Recharge: Bolt attacks against human sized enemies now recharge a small amount of energy. Requires Hero Rank.
  • Group Heal: When healing a civilian, nearby civilians are healed as well. Requires Champion Rank.
  • Civilian Safety: Civilians take nearly no damage from your attacks. Requires Guardian Rank.
  • Bystander Bonus: Gain experience for killing civilians. Requires Thug Rank.
  • Bolt Chain: Bolt attacks chain electricity to nearby enemies. Requires Outlaw Rank.
  • Bioleech Overload: Causes Cole to gain unlimited energy for a short period of time after a successful drain. Requires Infamous Rank.

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