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The following is a list of quotes spoken by characters within Infamous 2.

Cole sensing the Beast is drawing near...


Cole interrogating a Reaper in Empire City

Cole MacGrath

Dropped out of college and got a job as a bike courier, mostly just to piss off my parents. I was someone you'd notice. Just a guy delivering packages to folks you'd never know. And then one day... a package found me ... Thousands died. Five square blocks smashed into rubble. And at the center... was me. Alive... but changed. But no one could have seen what was coming. Back then, Empire City was in quarantine. It had gone to hell. Other people with powers started showing up and it was my job to sort through it all. Find out who had given me that package, and why. Hell, even my best friend turned his back on me and tried to get powers of his own. But in the end I found the man responsible. Kessler. He explained everything through a vision of the future. A Beast is coming. A monster only I could defeat, provided that I am strong and ready to face him. A month later, I met Lucy Kuo. She somehow knew all about the Beast. In fact, she had come to help me prepare. Claimed her friend, Dr. Wolfe, had worked on the Ray Sphere prototype. And that he could amplify my powers. All I had to do was go down with her to New Marais. I need those powers... the Beast is coming... and I will be ready.
— Introduction.
Now Empire City... is dead.
— After his loss to the Beast.
I don't know if you've ever let someone down, got your ass kicked or straight up failed, but those are the moments that define us. They push you further than you've ever thought possible, and force you to make choices... no matter what the cost.
— On his was to New Marais.
These pricks, they're gonna try to get in my way, try to kill me to keep their town "pure". I say bring it.
— Cole meets the Militia.
I'm not about to start torching families just to make my life a little easier.
— To Kuo about his decision to not destroy the village.
Then you know that I failed ... I couldn't stop it, Empire City is gone.
— To Wolfe about the Beast.
People don't look up.
— To Kuo about his plan to follow Wolfe's interrogator through the roofs.
Yeah! Yeah, huh. Hit me in the head again!
— After destroying a Militia chopper.
Powers don't kill people. Oh, no... it's the person behind the powers that kill people.
— To Joseph Bertrand the third.

Zeke Dunbar

[[Zeke Dunbar|
Zeke Doing Science

Zeke doing some pretty wacky science

Sad Zeke

Zeke in mourning holding the body of Cole in the Good Karma Ending

I don't call you "brother" 'cause I like the way it sounds.
— To Cole MacGrath.
The way I see it, there's basically two types of people. Most of them are guys like me, guys who sit on the couch. We might not like the shit that happens to us, but we deal with it ... then there's guys like you.
— To Cole MacGrath.
We just held our breathes and watched, as one by one of them monsters started to drop. News said even some folks over-seas were kneeling over. Poor bastards must have been Conduits and didn't even know it ... but it was worth it. 'Cause... for the thousands that died... millions were gonna live. The plague? Man, it was just gone. I could already hear people starting to party, just celebrating being alive. I thought my friend was gonna go down as an unsung hero, but here in New Marais, they knew what he had done for them. Who would have thought that "The Demond of Empire City", would become the patriot saint of New Marais. Sometimes, I hear folks talking about Conduits and humans like they're totally different. That's bullshit. 'Cause there ain't no one with more humanity, than Cole MacGrath. I love you brother, and I'm sure gonna miss you.
— Farewell to his best friend.

Lucy Kuo

We are not the same, you got your powers in an explosion! It was over in a flash. What they did to me was slow.
— To Cole MacGrath about their powers.

Joseph Bertrand

Our pride has turned us into monsters.
— To Cole MacGrath.

{{He predicts the arrival of a Conduit, of such power and wrath, it's gonna consume the world. He called it "the Beast". He said that it would come here to New Marais, that we should arm myself and prepare for it's coming. He said we don't have much time ... But you know, I do believe in prophecy, Doctor. What do you know about... nuclear weapons?|To Wolfe about Kessler telling him about the Beast.}}

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