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Welcome to the Official inFAMOUS Wiki!

The wiki about the PlayStation-exclusive, open-world super-hero video-game series that anyone can edit! This wiki is led and monitored by bureaucrats Redexx & Shrev64 along with the inFAMOUS wiki Staff.

Note: This wiki covers information about the inFAMOUS series, and as such may contain spoilers.

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Cole MacGrath, transformed into one of the Vampires

InFAMOUS First Light Announce Trailer E3 2014 (PS4)

InFAMOUS First Light Announce Trailer E3 2014 (PS4)

Infamous: First Light E3 2014 Reveal Trailer

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A Conduit is an individual with dormant superhuman abilities, ranging from manipulation of a certain form of matter, to flight, enhanced senses, and strength. Majority of the individuals without abilities like them, often detest and reject Conduits, calling them "freaks" or "deviants".

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  • Electric Tuna

    Greetings patient inFAMOUS fans!

    E3 is over.  Has been over for a few weeks.  But, hearing a report from someone who went to this year's E3 has given us new hope for the inFAMOUS franchise. 

    According …

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  • TheBlueRogue

    InFamous: First Light is a standalone downloadable content video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. First Light follows the exploits of Abigail "…

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  • Jim Logan

    I'm afraid, I've got some BAD NEWS!

    According to reports, Sucker Punch is very concerned that hardcore and new fans alike are not happy with the latest installment to the InFAMOUS series, Second Son. …

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  • Redexx

    Hey everypeoples. This is not really a "News" post in the way that it's not some offical announcement reguarding the series. However, it is something really, really cool. French Filmaker Fred Cavende…

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