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This is a list of all known cheats and exploits for Infamous.



When you are within a powered down zone and your energy levels are low, zap metal object with Cole's Lightning Bolts. Absorb and repeat until his energy is replenished. The also works when zapping dead bodies of enemies or pedestrians, and machines such as the air vents and streetlights.

Energy storage[]

Although in most cases, there are a lot of sources for you to drain electricity from, you sometimes get caught in a tough spot trying to survive at a location where there is no more energy to drain.

Charge a battery, light post, or other drained energy source using Cole's Lightning Bolts, which do not use any energy storage. Drain any object you zap once it is charged. If the object does not overload and explode like Zeke's batteries, you will be able to recuperate your entire storage of battery cores and have a good place to use your Precision shot to defeat enemies.

Experience points[]

Good and evil

You can advance your good or evil ranks easily by healing the sick citizens on the ground around the city. This rewards you with three good karma XP. Conversely, you can drain their energy through the use of Bio Leech and gain three evil karma XP.

Infinite XP

After Cole receives Lightning Storm and has to protect three separate substations, use the power to do so, then die, walk away from the substation you are protecting or restart the mission all together to keep all the XP you have earned. If you are using Lightning Storm, you can quickly kill everyone and earn a decent amount of XP.

Splash and Crash stunt[]

In the Neon District, after locating a Reaper, jump off a building and use Precision to shoot him anywhere except the head to avoid a one-shot kill. Perform a Thunder Drop while still airborne.



An easy way to win the "AC/DC" trophy is to go to one of the substations in the sewers, and before you re-establish the circuit, absorb electricity from it. It will never lose its energy, so after a few minutes, you will receive the trophy.

To get the trophy, you must drain 750 megawatts of power. Upon finding a substation, start draining using L2. Then, without letting go of L2, hold down the PlayStation button, turn off the controller, and Cole will continue draining electricity with the controller off. You will only receive the trophy once you stop draining, so you will need to check every once in a while.

Doctor Cole

An easy way to get the "Doctor Cole" trophy is to shock a pedestrian, then heal them (in a safe area). Repeat this process 250 times (as required by the trophy specifications) to receive the trophy.

Good and evil

Instead of playing through the game twice with good and evil karma to receive all of the main mission trophies (such as "Good Eats" and "Evil Eats"), play the mission and finish it, but the second after the mission complete panel shows, pause the game and abandon the mission. You will forfeit the mission and have to repeat it, but you will still get the trophy that relates to it. Just repeat the mission and play it in the opposite manner that you did before (good or evil). You will get that trophy as well.