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Below is a list of the controls scheme for Cole MacGrath's many powers and abilities in Infamous.


The control scheme without holding any buttons


Action Description
Left stick Move around Move Cole through the world. Pressure effects speed.
Right stick Move camera Adjust the position of the camera to get a better view of the current surroundings.
XButton Jump Jump upwards. If Cole touches any ledges, he will grab them automatically. Press XButton again to jump from that ledge. If Cole hits a wall, the player can press XButton another time to run up the wall for a short distance.
SquareButton Melee attack / Thunder Drop Beat up nearby enemies/citizens/objects. Tapping square will result in a combo, ending with a deadly somersault-kick. Press and hold SquareButton in mid-air to charge Cole's Thunder Drop, a powerful attack which sends out a large shockwave upon impact.
TriangleButton Interact Use special actions, like pressing buttons, grabbing disks. On various occasions, players need to hold down TriangleButton to peek at certain photographs, or zoom in at special events.
CircleButton Evasive Roll/ Take cover/ Let go Press CircleButton while running to avoid enemy fire. When standing still, press CircleButton to get behind any available cover and press again to get out. When hanging on ledges, press CircleButton to let go of it.
L1Button Aim Zooms the camera above Cole's shoulder and brings up the targeting reticle, allowing Cole to unleash an array of deadly, electrical attacks.
L2Button Electric Drain Sap electricity from nearby sources to fill up your energy reserve and heal any possible injuries.
R1Button Target downed enemy/wounded citizen/Static Thrusters Highlights a stunned enemy or injured citizen nearby an brings up new 3 powers: Heal, Restrain and Bio Leech. It should be noted that Cole is not able (or smart enough not) to heal downed enemies. Also, holding R1 in mid-air enables the Static Thrusters, a special technique that allows you to hover through the city. In inFamous 2, R1 is used for actions instead of Triangle.
R2Button Polarity Wall Cole creates a small, electrical force field, which he can hold as a real life shield and use to deflect enemy fire.
L3Button Radar Pulse Lets out an electromagnetic sonar, highlighting nearby energy sources, enemies, blast shards, etc. on the mini-map and game screen. Can also be used in certain missions to enable Cole's Psychic Vision
UpButton Precision Zooms in the camera and slows time, allowing Cole to make an easy headshot or hitting hard to reach spots, at high energy costs.
DownButton Lightning Storm Calls forth a massive lighting beam from the sky, which the player can control with the SIXAXIS, at the cost of large amounts of energy.
LeftButton Karmic Overload When the Karma-Meter reaches the maximum, players can press Left on the D-pad, giving them unlimited energy for a short time. Afterwards, the Karma-Meter drops slightly, preventing constant use.
StartButton Pause Pauses the game and brings up the pause menu.
SelectButton Map Brings up a map from Empire City, giving the player an overview of the world and the available mission (goals).

Aiming mode (Hold L1)

Command Action Description
R1Button Lightning Bolt, Bolts Cole's standard attack. Launches a short electric bolt at no energy costs. Keep tapping for repeated bursts.
R2Button Arc Lightning / Overload Burst Use a special attack, depending on your Karma. Hold R2 to either fire a constant beam of electricity (Arc Lightning, Evil Karma), or charge a strong bolt that jumps of electricity conducting objects and enemies (Overload Burst, Good Karma).

Electromagnetic Shockwave, Blast

Fires a shockwave at enemies, comparable to shotgun blasts.
SquareButton Shock Grenade, Grenades Throws an explosive ball of energy that bounces of walls and is able to attach itself to enemies. A great move for clearing large groups of enemies at once.
TriangleButton Megawatt Hammer, Rockets Fires an electric missile, in cases a Shock Grenade really has to be delivered on time.
CircleButton Dodge, Take cover Dodge enemy fire or duck behind available cover. Press CircleButton again to pop out.
L3Button Radar Pulse Cole can still use his "sonar" while aiming. Because enemies will flash red for a moment, the Radar Pulse can be a life saver in battle.
R3Button Change arm Alternate between Cole's right and left arm, moving the camera along.
UpButton Precision See above. It is advised to first aim with L1 before using precision, as every second using it drains energy.

Injured targets

Hold R1 to target a downed enemy/civilian and use your powers to either help them or make matters even worse.

Command Action Description
SquareButton (tap repeatedly) Bio Leech Suck out the lifeforce of your victim, healing Cole of all injuries and filling up all of your Battery Cores, but killing the victim in the process. This skill results in Bad Karma, but can be used in a Good Karma game, if used sparingly.
CircleButton Arc Restraint Chain your target to the floor with electro-magnetic energy. Commonly used in a Good playtrough, as restraining enemies instead of killing them results in Good Karma. Evil players can shoot their victims to cancel out the Good Karma and get an execution bonus.
TriangleButton (Hold) Pulse Heal Heal injured civilians, giving the player some experience and Good Karma. Cole obviously refuses to heal enemies.
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