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  • Story missions are ordered according to their order indicated by the in-game save screen. They do not, however, have to be completed in that specific order.
  • Lines might not be copied verbatim from subtitles, as subtitles often have errors in capitalization, punctuation, or spelling. Instead, they are transcribed according to rules of standard American English. This should have no effect on the meaning of the lines.


Unknown voice: Activation +6 minutes. Pulse is 45. Respiration 10. Lookin' good, Cole.

(Upon waking up.)

Cole MacGrath: The hell happened?

Cole MacGrath: Oh god.

Helicopter Pilot: There's someone alive down there.

Helicopter Pilot: Hey, wake up and get to the area. If you can walk, get out of there. Head for the bridge.

(The pilot turns towards the parking garage.)

Helicopter Pilot: Hey you, in the garage!

(After the player turns the camera towards the crumbling building.)

Helicopter Pilot: Get the hell out of there! The whole thing is coming down!

Cole MacGrath: Come on, Cole, move, move.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Cole, Cole, man. You there? C'mon, man, pick up!

Cole MacGrath: Z-Zeke? What the hell is going on? I think there was an explosion.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): No shit there was an explosion! TV says terrorists are blowing stuff up all over the city. Meet me at the Fremont Bridge. We'll get Trish and find someplace to hunker down.

Cole MacGrath: I'll see you there.

(Upon entering the building.)

Cole MacGrath: Ugh.

Cole MacGrath: What the hell - should be dead.

(When a car crashes through the ceiling.)

Cole MacGrath: Oh, man.

(Cole drains more electricity, causing damage around him.)

Cole MacGrath: Whoa!

Cole MacGrath: What's happening to me?

(After exiting the building.)

Helicopter Pilot: If you're able to walk, please evacuate across the bridge to the Neon. Remain calm, emergency personnel are en route.

Zeke Dunbar: Cole! Over here, man! We gotta go!

(Another electrical shock occurs.)

Cole MacGrath: God, no!

Cole MacGrath: No, no!

(As Cole begins to cross the bridge.)

Zeke Dunbar: Oh no, it's the terrorists! Run for the bridge, Cole! C'mon! Move it!

Zeke Dunbar: Move your ass, Cole! This whole bridge is comin' down!

Trish Dailey (echo): Cole!

Civilization Committing SuicideEdit

Cole MacGrath (narrating): While sliding into unconsciousness, I could somehow, I don't know... hear the voice of the dying. Thousands crushed by falling buildings, or burned alive in the fires. Trish lost her sister, almost lost me. Zeke was always there, somehow sure that I'd wake up. While outside, the city fell apart. A plague struck, followed by rioting, theft, rapes, civilization committing suicide. In a bullshit attempt to contain the biological threat, the federal government locked down all access in and out of the city. Now we're stuck in this cage with the psychos. Cops are all but gone off the streets, either dead or too chickenshit to stand against the gangs that control things now. Outside, things were bad... but inside - inside me - something was beginning. Scary as hell at first. Gotta understand there was no one to talk to, no experts to consult, but with time, I'm learning to control it, master it. Just hope it's not too late...

In-game cutsceneEdit

Empire City. Day 14 of the Quarantine.

Cole MacGrath: I thought you were going to watch TV?

Zeke Dunbar: Batteries are dead again... you mind puttin' on the freak show?

Cole MacGrath: Sure. Glad it's good for something.

Zeke Dunbar: Probably need to charge 'em all - TV's a hog.

(When the player fires at the battery but does not completely charge it.)

Zeke Dunbar: Lay into it, man! Don't be afraid to cook those babies.

(When the player is taking too long to charge the second battery.)

Zeke Dunbar: Hurry up, dude. We're going to miss all the good shows.

(When firing at the batteries.)

Zeke Dunbar: Whoo! That's what I'm talking about!

Zeke Dunbar: Whoo-hoo! Nice job, man, boob tube's workin'.

Cole MacGrath: Weird - feels like I got more power.

Zeke Dunbar: Yeah? Try fryin' those dummies over there. With all the nut-balls runnin' around, it'd be nice to see how much juice you're packin'.

(When the player begins firing at the dummies.)

Zeke Dunbar: Yeah! Lay into it man, fry those suckers!

Zeke Dunbar: Yeah! Whooo-Hooo!

(A plane flies overhead.)

Zeke Dunbar: Whoo, you see that? Flyin' so low, thought it was going to crash into us!

Zeke Dunbar: Hey, it's the TV jacker. I love this guy!

Voice of Survival (TV screen): Just got word that the feds dropped some relief packages into Archer Square. The liars at the corporate media tell us that we're gonna get our fair share? That more is comin'? Yeah, that's easy for them to say. They're not the ones living in this hellhole, and the truth is that we've been abandoned, and no one's coming to save us. So head over to Archer Square and get that food before the Reapers show up. Voice of Survival out.

First GlimpseEdit

Cole MacGrath: Told you they'd drop food.

Zeke Dunbar: Man, you must be outta your mind. You think any of those pencil-necks gives a crap about us? This is a PR stunt.

Cole MacGrath: That isn't going to stop you from pigging out, though, is it?

Zeke Dunbar: Hell no it ain't. Zeke's gotta eat!

Cole MacGrath: You take the stairs. I'm using the express elevator.

Zeke Dunbar: Man, you get to have all the fun.

(If the player takes too long to jump from the roof.)

Zeke Dunbar: What are you waiting for? Do it!

(After jumping from the roof.)

Cole MacGrath: That's what I'm talking about!

Zeke Dunbar: Whoo, that was one hell of a jump, man. Wish I could do something like that — runnin' down all those stairs, that sucks donkey balls.

Zeke Dunbar: Hey Cole, before we head over to Archer, I need to go pick up a new six-shooter.

Cole MacGrath: Here we go...

Zeke Dunbar: Nah, that was bad-ass. The second you touched it, the electricity in your hands cooks off the gun powder and the whole thing goes KA-BAM! (laughs) The look on your face was priceless.

Cole MacGrath: Damn near blew my hand off.

Zeke Dunbar: Which is why you won't be touching the new one. Traded this guy one of my home-made batteries for it.

Cole MacGrath: The ones that explode when you use 'em?

Zeke Dunbar: Hell, he doesn't know that. C'mon, told me he was going to leave the gun in a parking lot a few blocks from here.

Zeke Dunbar: Hey Cole, you what I miss? Pizza. A big, sloppy slice drippin' with grease and pepperoni. And payday. Havin' a big, fat wad of bills in your pocket.

Cole MacGrath: I'd settle for some hot water.

Zeke Dunbar: Hey, remember that time we were comin' home from Duffy's and I had to take a leak? And that bike cop was yelling at me to put up my hands? (laughs)

Cole MacGrath: You pissed all over him.

Zeke Dunbar: He told me to put up my hands! While he's fumblin' around, I jump back in and we take off. (laughs) Awesome!

Cole MacGrath: Yeah, awesome. Until we run into a wall of cops.

Zeke Dunbar: Like I said, awesome! (laughs) Bummer we won't be able to do anything like that again.

Cole MacGrath: Not unless some genius invents a car that doesn't explode when I sit in it.

(Upon reaching the parking lot.)

Zeke Dunbar: Ah c'mon... he told me he was going to leave it under a car. I figured there'd be only one. We'll never find it.

Cole MacGrath: Stand back. I got an idea.

(After Cole pushes the cars away.)

Zeke Dunbar: Hellacious! Hell, I didn't know you could do somethin' like that.

Cole MacGrath: Me neither... there was this surge...

Zeke Dunbar: Hey man, you don't look so hot.

Cole MacGrath: Drained all of a sudden... hang on a sec...

(After Cole recharges himself.)

Cole MacGrath: Did you see that?

Zeke Dunbar: Man, you're a walking battery! Must have to recharge whenever you fire off a bunch of juice.

Cole MacGrath: I can feel the electricity surging through me, almost like I'm being healed by it.

Zeke Dunbar: (laughs) This rocks so hard. C'mon, let's haul tail over to Archer Square 'fore someone takes all the brewskis.

Trish Dailey (phone): Cole, you there?

Cole MacGrath: Hey, babe.

Trish Dailey (phone): You hear they dropped some food?

Cole MacGrath: Yeah. Zeke and me are heading over there.

Trish Dailey (phone): How are you feeling?

Cole MacGrath: All right, I guess. Powers are all over the place. Used to be I could barely power a light bulb, now I'm jumping off of buildings and frying the junk on Zeke's roof.

Trish Dailey (phone): You jumped off a building? What were you thinking?

Cole MacGrath: Relax. I'm fine.

Trish Dailey (phone): Just take it easy. After what happened to Amy, I couldn't...

Cole MacGrath: Yeah.

Trish Dailey (phone): See you guys at Archer Square. I love you.

Cole MacGrath: You too.

(Upon reaching Archer Square.)

Zeke Dunbar: Whew, boy that's stuck up there. I hate to say it pal, but you're the only guy here who'd live from a fall like that. You gotta climb up there and knock that stuff free.

(If the player does not make progress after a certain period of time.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Get up there, Cole! Reapers'll be here any minute!

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Stop screwin' around! Get that food down!

(After Cole gets the food crate down.)

Zeke Dunbar: Yeah! We are eatin'!

Cole MacGrath: Damn, too late.

(If the player kills Zeke.)
Zeke Dunbar:

  • Ah, dyin' sucks.
  • I didn't want to go out this way... ahh.
  • Ah, hell.

First GlimpseEdit

Cole MacGrath (narrating): That's when I caught my first sight... the Reapers. Before the blast, they were just a bunch of junkies dealing drugs. Now they own the Neon District... taking whatever they want. That changes today.

Gameplay (continued)Edit

(After defeating the first wave of Reapers.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Dang, those freaks are brutal.

(After defeating the second wave.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Well, there's more on the way!

(After the Reapers have been defeated.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Woohoo, well that's the last of them. It's chow time!

Karmic moment

Cole MacGrath: Lot of food here. Enough to feed the three of us for weeks, maybe longer. Bet if I fry a couple people in the crowd, the rest will run away. The food will be all ours, but some of these guys might starve...

Good karma dialogue

Unnamed civilian #1: I got one open! Let's eat!

Cole MacGrath: Hey, Trish.

Trish Dailey: I'm so glad you got the food down. These poor people are starving.

Cole MacGrath: Just doing what I can. Someone had to help them.

Zeke Dunbar: Those idiots dropped us canned prunes. Now who the hell'd want to eat this crap?

Evil karma dialogue

Zeke Dunbar: Man, that was harsh! Still, it'll keep us in vittles for a long time. I'll get this hauled out of here pronto.

Cole MacGrath: Hey, Trish.

Trish Dailey: What's wrong with you? People are starving, and you're stealing the only food they've seen in days?

Cole MacGrath: I did it for us, to make sure we're taken care of.

Trish Dailey: I don't get you sometimes.

End of non-canon dialogue

Zeke Dunbar: Cole, you're up on the big screen!

Voice of Survival: Take a look at this, Empire City. The footage you're seeing was taken by a security camera near (inaudible; interrupted by Zeke's dialogue). This is the man that destroyed our city, our lives. Someone from your family died? Well, now you know who to blame. If you know anything about this guy, let me know, cuz we gotta get the word out on this terrorist. Whoever he is, we're going to make him pay.

Ever Been Called a Terrorist?Edit

Cole MacGrath (narrating): Ever been called a terrorist? All I remember from that day is going to work... and then running for my life. That video, though. How'd I get that package? Why would I deliver a bomb? For who? Regardless, the consequences are everywhere. Whatever there'd been between Trish and me was gone. She didn't say a word, no emotion, nothing. Just walked away. By then, people nearby were starting to recognize me. It was going to get ugly. Even Zeke was giving me weird looks. He and I made quick plans to meet up at Stampton Bridge, try to get out of town. Just hope he shows, cause right now I'm a little short on friends.

Gameplay (continued)Edit

Evil karma dialogue

(If the player aims at the civilians.)
Cole MacGrath: ... ah hell...

End of non-canon dialogue

Cole MacGrath: I gave you the food. Leave me alone!

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Listen man. I'm almost to the bridge. Since everyone here hates your guts, we gotta get out of town, pronto-like.

Cole MacGrath: I'll meet you there. And Zeke — thanks for watching my back.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Ha, sure man. I ain't about to do anything that might piss you off. See ya.

The EscapeEdit

Zeke Dunbar: Stampton Bridge, the fastest way out of town. That is, if you can get us past those baton-wielding goons.

Cole MacGrath: We're getting out of here, one way or another. Follow my lead.

(Once Cole approaches the crowd.)

Unidentified man (loudspeaker): You have entered a restricted area. Lethal force may be used at any time. Please return to your homes. You will be notified when the quarantine has been lifted.

Karmic moment

Cole MacGrath: Going to have to get past those riot cops if we want out of here. If I fry a couple of guards from inside the crowd, bet I can trigger a riot. Help keep the heat off Zeke and me... Course that means a lot of innocent people will get the hell kicked out of them...

Pedestrian dialogue


  • I'm not an animal. I'm starving here! I can't take it! Please!
  • You gotta let me outta here!
  • Let me out!

Zeke Dunbar: Eat some hot lead!

Evil karma dialogue

Zeke Dunbar: Let's get in there before this gets out of control.

End of evil karma dialogue

(Upon approaching the first machine gun.)

Zeke Dunbar: Hey, watch out for those machine guns! Flank 'em if you have to!

(After passing through the second gate.)

Zeke Dunbar: Hey man, hang from the top of that container and try shootin' 'em. It'll make you a harder target.

Unidentified man (loudspeaker): This area is under strict quarantine. Indiscriminate lethal force will be used against all unauthorized personnel. This is your final warning.

(Upon reaching the final area.)

Zeke Dunbar: Hey man, head for the quarantine station! It's our ticket out of here!

A Way OutEdit

Cole MacGrath (narrating): The gate opened to a wall of razor wire and machine guns. Zeke made a break for it, smashed in the gate to the Decontamination Unit... and fell headlong into the harbor. And I moved. Faster than I knew I could. I was greeted by name. This FBI agent, Moya, had seen the footage of me at Ground Zero and came here to wait. Figuring I'd try to escape, knowing I'd have powers. She explained that before the blast, her husband John had been assigned to infiltrate the First Sons... a shadowy group working on a project they called the "Ray Sphere". A device designed to drain the neuro-electric energy from a group of people and concentrate it into an individual. She'd lost contact with John the night of the blast... despite all her connections, Moya was losing hope. Yet she found me, somehow believing I could be trusted, ready to make me an offer: I go back to the city, find John and the Ray Sphere... and she'll get me out of the quarantine and clear my name. This whole Ray Sphere thing sounds crazy to me... but suddenly I'm a human light socket, so maybe I should cut her some slack.

Gameplay (continued)Edit

Moya Jones (phone): Because of the riot topside, this is the only way back into the city. Given the state of our new "partnership", I've taken the liberty of cloning your phone's frequency.

Moya Jones (phone): I've got a lock on your GPS locator, and I can hear every word you say.

Cole MacGrath: That's super.

Moya Jones (phone): Cole, the water pressure has dropped in the main running under the bridge. What's going on down there?

Cole MacGrath: Reapers were busting up some pipes.

Moya Jones (phone): Interesting — I'll see what I can find out. You worry about getting back into the city.

Moya Jones (phone): Don't forget who's holding your leash, Cole. You find John and the Ray Sphere, and I get you out of here, no questions asked. But you double-cross me, or do something stupid, and I will throw you into a hole so deep that you won't even know which way is up. Got it?

Cole MacGrath: Yeah, I got it.

(Once the player reaches the city.)

Zeke Dunbar: Cole? Man, it's good to see you.

Cole MacGrath: Nice work on that gate, Wrecking Ball.

Zeke Dunbar: Hell, lived through the fall, no problem. But gettin' back to shore, well, let's just say I'm no Michael Phelps.

Cole MacGrath: Yeah, that's an understatement.

Zeke Dunbar: Hey, take it easy, Lightning Rod. So how the hell'd you live through that, man? Bullets flyin' everywhere, all over the place — figured you were a goner.

Cole MacGrath: Let's head home. I'll fill you in on the way.

"Any man can handle adversity. If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power." —Abraham Lincoln

(Back on Zeke's roof.)

Cole MacGrath: ...and it drains neuro-electric energy.

Zeke Dunbar (laughs): I knew it! All the stuff I've been sayin', every word is true. Government's in cahoots with a secret organization, the Ray Sphere... damn, it all makes sense now.

Cole MacGrath: Calm down. You're going to hurt yourself.

Zeke Dunbar: That Ray Sphere mush dish out powers to anyone controlling it. You gotta bring it back here.

Cole MacGrath: Sure, I could use a side-kick.

Zeke Dunbar: Ah, hell with that. Zeke Jedediah Dunbar is his own man.

Cole MacGrath: Your middle name is Jedediah?

Zeke Dunbar: Yes it is, after my grandfather. Strong man for a man his size. Uh, I don't know where Zeke comes from, but I'm certain—

Cole MacGrath: You need to take a nap, and a bath. I got things to do.

Moya Jones (phone): I've already got a couple of leads for you; the coordinates have been uploaded into your phone. Give me a call when you're in position.

Mysterious SignalsEdit

Cole MacGrath: Alright, now what?

Moya Jones (phone): I'm picking up some weird interference from a rooftop not far from you. Need to find out its origin and purpose.

Cole MacGrath: So what am I looking for?

Moya Jones (phone): Not really sure, probably a transmitter of some type. Call me when you get over there.

(Once Cole finds the transmitter.)

Cole MacGrath: Found it. Looks like a portable audio drive is attached to this satellite dish.

Moya Jones (phone): See if you can listen to it with your phone.

(After collecting the first dead drop.)

Cole MacGrath: Sounds like a bunch of garbage.

Moya Jones (phone): It's an encrypted message, but I can't break it. Look around and see if you can find another one.

(After collecting the second dead drop.)

Cole MacGrath: You hear that? Same thing as before.

Moya Jones (phone): I'm running the signals through an decryption program on this end. I've almost cracked it, but I need another sample. Look around for more of those files.

(After collecting the third dead drop.)

Cole MacGrath: That's the last one.

Moya Jones (phone): Give me a second — all right, that should do it. I'm uploading a decrypting algorithm into your phone. It should let you listen to the messages.

(Dead drop recording plays.)

John White (recording): I-I couldn't stop Kessler from detonating the Ray Sphere. Damn thing took out five or six square blocks, killed god knows how many.

Found the Ray Sphere in the blast center, next to some kid. Dunno if he was dead or not, didn't have time to check. I'm going to try and hole up somewhere. If anyone is even listening to these things, I need immediate extraction. Please. You've got to get me out of here before Kessler finds me.

(The recording ends.)

Cole MacGrath: You understand any of that?

Moya Jones (phone): I don't believe it — that's John. He must have used dead drops to communicate with his handlers.

Cole MacGrath: Um, English.

Moya Jones (phone): It means there are probably more of those scattered around the city. You should try and find as many as you can; they might tell us where he took the Ray Sphere.

Cole MacGrath: Find John and the Ray Sphere, and I'm out, right?

Moya Jones (phone): I know the deal, Cole.

Cole MacGrath: Just making sure.

Blood TrailEdit

Cole MacGrath: Okay, Moya, what now?

Moya Jones (phone): One of my contacts, an electrician named Brandon Carey, didn't check in last night. He's pretty important, so you need to find him. He was last seen in the alley across the street from your location.

(Upon approaching a dead female body.)

Cole MacGrath: Your boy isn't here, Moya — just a dead woman.

Moya Jones (phone): A woman? That doesn't make any sense.

Cole MacGrath: Hang on a second.

(When triggering Cole's Psychic Vision.)

Lynnae Carey: ...Reapers... no... leave my husband alone... where are you taking him... Brandon!

Cole MacGrath: Whoa!

Moya Jones (phone): What just happened?

Cole MacGrath: I had a vision... the Reapers kidnapped Brandon. This is his wife, Lynnae. I can see the echo of someone running away.

Moya Jones (phone): Follow it. We need to find out what happened.

(Cole follows the echo until he encounters a Reaper conduit.)

Cole MacGrath: Damn!

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Pick up your damn phone.

Cole MacGrath: What's up?

Zeke Dunbar (phone): The Feds, man, that's what's up. Watching our every move, even caught one scoping out the roof. Was leaning against a wall down there, eatin' a fresh apple. Now you tell me, where the hell'd he get that?

Cole MacGrath: I dunno Zeke, but if we want to be out of here, this is the way it's got to be.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): C'mon, man, don't be stupid. They'll ride you as long as they can, but the second you're no longer useful, BAM, you vanish. Permanently.

Cole MacGrath: I think all that conspiracy stuff has rotted your brain.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Don't kill the messenger, brother. I'm just tellin' it like it is — you watch your back.

(Cole approaches a Reaper bomber, who blows up the sub-station.)

Moya Jones (phone): What the hell happened? The entire Neon just went dark.

Cole MacGrath: That's cause one of those maniacs blew... up a whole substation... man, brain feels like it's in a vise...

Moya Jones (phone): Your body must be reacting to the absence of electricity. You're going to have to man up and find Carey. If we don't restore the power, the Reapers will be unstoppable.

(Cole enters the sewers.)

Cole MacGrath: All right, I tracked the echo to the sewers.

Moya Jones (phone): The Reapers must've needed Carey's help in shutting down the underground linear transformer.

Moya Jones (phone): Find the transformer and figure out a way to get it back online. If they killed the circuit, you'll have to re-establish it.

Cole MacGrath: Got it.

(After re-establishing the circuit and gaining new powers.)

Cole MacGrath: Yeah!

Civilian: Help!

(Cole heals the civilian.)

Civilian: Thank you.

Civilian: Hey Janet, you back there? Open the gate, this guy's okay.

Civilian (to Cole): You've got to stop the Reapers. They're running around with some electrician, killing anyone they find down here.

(After passing through the door.)

Cole MacGrath (to Moya): The transformer is back on. Now what?

Moya Jones (phone): Restart the distribution substation by charging up the voltage regulator mounted to its front. That should be enough to get the power back on.

Cole MacGrath: Man, must suck having to live down here.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey man, you there?

Cole MacGrath: Yeah.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Trish just stopped by and grabbed some of her stuff. She'd barely talk to me, and when I brought you up, whew, she damn near blew a gasket.

Cole MacGrath: She thinks I killed her sister.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Man, ain't your fault that package was a bomb — hell, you're lucky to be alive. She needs to see things for what they are.

Cole MacGrath: Yeah, well I'm not holding my breath. I'll catch you later.

Moya Jones (phone): Cole, are you having any problems finding your way around down there?

Cole MacGrath: Nah, I got into urban exploration about four years ago. Crawled all over this city, so I know these sewers like the back of my hand.

(Upon finding Brandon Carey.)

Brandon Carey: What are you doing here? Did they see you?

Cole MacGrath: I need to turn on the substation.

Brandon Carey: Are you out of your damn mind? The Reapers will kill my wife! No one is getting in here!

Cole MacGrath: Open the door.

Brandon Carey: Screw you! I've jammed this thing uptight. No one is getting in or out until she's safe!

Cole MacGrath: Poor guy still thinks he's protecting Lynnae — doesn't change the fact that I need to get in there. I can either fry him and open the door that way... or tell him that his wife is dead and see if that gets him to back off.

Cole MacGrath: Lynnae is dead. They shot her.

Brandon Carey: How do you know her name?!

Cole MacGrath: I know this is hard... I saw her body. There was nothing anyone could do.

Brandon Carey: I knew I shouldn't have trusted... I'm so sorry, Lynnae...

(Brandon opens up the door.)

Brandon Carey: Listen to me — I've seen what you can do. You have to kill them. All of them. Promise me.

Cole MacGrath: I'll do what I can.

Evil karma dialogue

(Cole fries Brandon.)

Brandon Carey: Ahhhhh!

Medical EmergencyEdit

Moya Jones (phone): Cole, I just got a call from an EMT in your area. The Reapers have overrun his makeshift medical clinic, and he needs your help.

Cole MacGrath: I can't solve all the world's problems, Moya.

Moya Jones (phone): Maybe not, but if you help him, he might return the favor.

(Cole finds the EMT.)

EMT: The Reapers keep attacking the clinic I have down the street. Take care of them for me, would you?

(After defeating the Reapers.)

Moya Jones (phone): There are other people around there who need help too. Keep an eye out for them.

High GroundEdit

Cole MacGrath: Hey Moya, I'm in position.

Moya Jones (phone): There should be a cell tower fairly close to you — find it and recharge it.

Cole MacGrath: Afraid I'm gonna bail on you?

Moya Jones (phone): Without that tower, you'll fall off the grid. I can't allow that.

(Cole enters the darkened area.)

Cole MacGrath: Ah... hell... vision is blurring...

(Cole approaches the cell tower and charges it.)

Moya Jones (phone): Good, now you need to restore the electricity to this section of the Neon. Your GPS will show you where to go, but be careful — there are a lot of Reapers operating in the area.

Cole MacGrath: Uh, those guys will slaughter me. I can barely see, and charging up that tower drained me dry.

Moya Jones (phone): Stick to the high ground and avoid them. If you have to fight, look around for emergency generators — there are probably some scattered across the rooftops.

Cole MacGrath: You're going to get me killed.

Moya Jones (phone): Call me when you're in the sewer.

Cole MacGrath: Damn, juice is running low.

(Cole finds the sewer and enters.)

Cole MacGrath: Okay, I'm in.

Moya Jones (phone): Same drill as before — re-establish the circuit on the underground transformer and then look for the distribution substation.

(After re-establishing the circuit)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey man, everyone around here keep carrying on about you delivering that bomb. Even George is runnin' his mouth about it.

Cole MacGrath: George? He's the one who called me, said he's got a package burning all over his desk and that I needed to beeline it. So I pick it up and take off.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Well, he claims that no one else could deliver it, that it had to be you.

Cole MacGrath: That was a terrible job in the first place, pay sucked. And when I get there, someone calls and tells me to open the package. The next thing I know, I'm waking up in a crater.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Well, at least you got superpowers out of it. And don't worry about George and those other idiots. I'll cover for ya, man. They're frickin' gossip queens anyway.

(Once Cole restores power)

Moya Jones (phone): Nice work, Cole.

(After mission is complete)

Moya Jones (phone): So, I figured out why the Reapers were destroying the water pipes under the bridge: By isolating the city's water system, they can pump their plague into every home in the city. Anyone drinking that sludge will get sick. Or Worse.

Cole MacGrath: Great.

Moya Jones (phone): Yeah. And it gets better. I'm getting reports that Smith Fountain is already polluted, and there are a lot of casualties. Head over there and confirm my intel, then we'll figure out what we're going to do.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey man, you ain't gonna believe this one. You know those areas of the city you've been clearin' out? They're crime-free now, people are hanging up posters with your face on them.

Good karma dialogue (If player is in Good karma standing at the end of the mission)

Cole MacGrath: I'm doing what I can, Zeke. No one needs to throw me a parade.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): I know man. I know. Still, that's pretty damn cool.

Evil karma dialogue (If player is in Evil karma standing at the end of the mission)

Cole MacGrath: Crack a few skulls, and people get the message.

Zeke Dunbar: Ain't that the truth! By the way, I didn't want to say anything before, but you're starting to look different. Dark, twisted, that kind of thing. It's not good for your complexion, brother.

Cole MacGrath: You know what, I really don't care what people think of me. I'll talk to you later.

(End of non-canon dialogue)

Mind GamesEdit

Cole MacGrath: Not looking good, Moya. Sick People all over the place, and the water in the fountain is black.

Moya Jones (phone): All right, get over there. We need to find a way to stop this.

(Cole spots Trish ahead.)

Trish Dailey: C'mon, breathe! Breathe!

(Cole approaches her.)

Cole MacGrath: Moya wanted me to see what's going on with the fountain.

Trish Dailey: Who's Moya?

Cole MacGrath: Doesn't matter. Look Trish, I know what that guy said about me.

Trish Dailey: My sister is dead because of you.

Cole MacGrath: I swear. I didn't know what was in that package.

Trish Dailey: I don't want to hear it. You want to help? Fine. You can start by closing that valve over there — it's jammed and I can't turn it. That's how the black tar is getting into the fountain.

(Cole turns the valves, causing the tar to spill over his face.)

Trish Dailey: Ugh. It's all over your eyes — I need to get a solvent out of my car. Follow me.

Sasha (echo): I've been watching you, Cole. Waiting for this moment. Anticipating it.

Cole MacGrath: ...who's... doing this...

Sasha (echo): She hates you. Loathes you. Your power frightens her. She'll never love you. I can make you forget about her. Everything you shared, gone like a whisper. No more pain, no more heartache.

Cole MacGrath:'re... not real...

Trish Dailey: This way.

Sasha (echo): You're mine. Body and soul. We'll be together. Always.

Trish Dailey: Hold still.

(Trish sprays Cole's face with the solvent.)

Cole MacGrath: Thanks.

Trish Dailey: That's the only time I'm helping you, Cole. If you get that stuff on you again, you're just going to have to wait for it to wear off.

Cole MacGrath: I took care of the fountain, Moya. Had to shut off the feeder pipe that led into it.

Moya Jones (phone): There are two more water mains in the area.

Cole MacGrath: Gotcha. I'll turn those off and see what happens.

(After turning the second valve)

Cole MacGrath: Ugh — sonofa...

Sasha (echo): I feel your broken heart, Cole. So much emotion, bottled up with nowhere to go. Why do you love her? She's beneath you. You deserve better.

Cole MacGrath: ...just... shut up...

Sasha (echo): You're all alone, you know. No one cares about you. Not the girl, not the fat man on the roof. Not the woman under the bridge. Only I love you. I've always loved you, Cole. Always and forever.

Cole MacGrath: For God's sake... get out!

(Upon approaching the second valve)

Cole MacGrath: If I turn that valve, I'll take another blast of crud to the face. Probably screw me up, send me on another mind trip. Or maybe I force this guy to do it for me...

(Cole turns the valve.)

Cole MacGrath: Ahh!

Evil karma dialogue

(Cole injures the civilian.)

Cole MacGrath: Go turn that valve, or I'll fry you like a piece of bacon.

End of evil karma dialogue

Sasha (echo): You won't be able to shut me out forever. Eventually, a crack will appear, and that crack will spread, and grow larger, and then the wall comes down.

Sasha (echo): It's only a matter of time.

Moya Jones (phone): Now that the valves are off, you need to figure out how those maniacs are getting that tar into the system. The only primary water line around there runs under Memorial Park — head into the tunnel and look for it.

Sasha (echo): You don't know love. Not true love. But I will teach you. And then the bastard will see what he lost.

(Cole ventures through the tunnel and finds a truck.)

Cole MacGrath: There's a truck attached to the pipe down here.

Moya Jones (phone): That's probably the source of the plague. Destroy it.

Cole MacGrath: What the hell is that stuff?

Moya Jones (phone): Some kind of mind-control agent. It appears to be organic, but I don't know how they're producing it.

Cole MacGrath: Ugh. Yeah, well, sure did a number on me. I'm heading back to Zeke's — my head is killing me.

"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." —Voltaire

(After waking up on Zeke's roof)

Moya Jones (phone): I've flagged the position of the next substation in your GPS, Cole.

Cole MacGrath: Uh, shouldn't I be hunting for John and the Ray Sphere?

Moya Jones (phone): You need to look at the big picture: Every time you restore electricity to a section of the city, your powers escalate. I'd say that's a valuable use of your time.

Moya Jones (phone): I'll be in touch once you get the substation back online.

The Good StuffEdit

(Once inside the sewers)

Cole MacGrath: Hey, Moya, I'm down in the sewer. Should have the power back on in no time.

Moya Jones (phone): Roger.

(After re-establishing the circuit)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Dude.

Cole MacGrath: Hey.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You been payin' attention to that TV jacker? Used to think he was pretty righteous, but now he spends half his time trashin' you. Makes me think you pay him a little visit.

Cole MacGrath: Believe me, I'd love to. No idea where he's hiding, though.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Probably holed up in the old TV station over in the Historic District. You find him, you give him a taste of the good stuff. He's gotta learn not to run his mouth all the time.

(After power is restored and the mission ends)

Moya Jones (phone): Good work, Cole. When you're ready, I've got a couple of things I'd like you to look into. One of them might lead us to John.

The RescueEdit

Moya Jones (phone): See that old train? The Reapers have some people locked up in it, collateral to keep the people of the Neon in line. More importantly, there's a chance John is locked in there.

Cole MacGrath: Want me to bust them out?

Moya Jones (phone): No. You're in the heart of Reaper territory, and they'll kill anyone trying to escape. You need to move the train to a safe location.

Cole MacGrath: How am I supposed to do that? Push?

Moya Jones (phone): You're a living third rail — stay in contact with the lead car and it should move.

(Once Cole gets the train moving)

Cole MacGrath: Just stay calm in there!

(When the train stops)

Cole MacGrath: Uh, the train's stopping.

Moya Jones (phone): Reapers must have disengaged the low-voltage feeder box that's mounted under the tracks. Charge it until it's green across the board. That should get you moving again.

Cole MacGrath: I'll go look for it.

(Once the feeder box is charged up)

Cole MacGrath: Got it.

(Cole encounters some more Reapers.)

Cole MacGrath: ...ah crap...

(When charging the second feeder box)

Moya Jones (phone): Charge the feeder box, Cole. You don't have much time.

(When charging the third feeder box)

Cole MacGrath: Found it.

Moya Jones (phone): You're almost there. I let everyone know that you're bringing in the train, and they'll be waiting at the station. Don't let them down.

(As he approaches more enemies)

Cole MacGrath: we go...

Moya Jones (phone): You're almost to the station!

One of the FamilyEdit

Good karma

Cole MacGrath: (narrating) The crowd was surprised to see the "terrorist" roll up and free their loved ones. Hypocrites. Yesterday, they wanted my head on a platter, now they act like I'm one of the family. Truth be told, it was nice, even for that short time, to be treated like a hero. Felt good. I scanned the crowd for John as people started to leave the station... he was nowhere to be seen.

Evil karma

Cole MacGrath: (narrating) The crowd was surprised to see the "terrorist" roll up and free their loved ones, but that wasn't enough for them. Risked my life to save their families, and they want to stone me in return. Ungrateful bastards. Decided to fry one of them, send a signal that I wasn't to be crossed. It's a lesson they won't soon forget. I looked around for John, but he wasn't there. Guess the search goes on.

Nemesis RevealedEdit

Trish Dailey: This is like the fountain all over again. Why aren't you stopping this?

Cole MacGrath: I blew up a whole tanker full of that stuff under the park. Figured that would do it.

Trish Dailey: Well, it's coming from somewhere — these people aren't getting sick on their own, Cole.

Cole MacGrath: I'll find out what's going on.

Cole MacGrath: Hey Moya, it's that black tar again. There are sick people all over the place.

Moya Jones (phone): The only remaining source of water in that area is from the water towers on the rooftops.

Cole MacGrath: All right, I'll head up there and see what I can do.

(Cole approaches the first water tower.)

Cole MacGrath: Reapers are all over the place up here, and there's a weird metal keg attached to the water tower. Tar's dripping out of it.

Moya Jones (phone): That must be how they're polluting the water. Destroy it!

(When trying to destroy the keg from below)
Cole MacGrath

  • Need to get closer
  • Damn, still not close enough.

(If Cole destroys the keg)
Cole MacGrath: (coughs) ...dammit — breathed in some of that crap, it's messing with my powers...

Moya Jones (phone): The effects will wear off eventually. Besides, if that stuff gets into the water, a lot of people will get sick. They're not as strong as you.

Cole MacGrath: Yeah, well, I think I'd rather have gotten sprayed in the face again. At least that didn't keep me from absorbing electricity.

(If Cole overcharges the keg)
Cole MacGrath: Uh... I think I just made things worse. Tried to overcharge the pump.

Moya Jones (phone): A lot of excess tar just got released, and that is bad news. Next time, blow up the keg. You'll take a bath in that crap, but it'll save lives.

(When approaching the second keg)
Cole MacGrath: (thinking) Overcharging this pump will keep me high and dry... but it also means that everyone on this water main will get sick. Whose health means more, mine or theirs?

Good karma dialogue

(After destroying the second keg)
Moya Jones (phone): I know it hurts, Cole, but this is how it's got to be. Too many people will get sick otherwise.

(After destroying the third keg)
Cole MacGrath: (coughing)'s filling my throat...

(After destroying the fourth keg)
Cole MacGrath: ...dammit!

End of good karma dialogue
Evil karma dialogue

(After overcharging the second keg)
Moya Jones (phone): Dammit. There's going to be a lot of sick people if you keep dropping that crap into the water.

(After overcharging the third keg)
Moya Jones (phone): Not making life any easier for the people in those buildings, Cole.

Trish Dailey (phone): What the hell is going on up there? There are more sick people than ever — you're making things worse.

Cole MacGrath: Sorry, it's the only way I can get this stuff off the water towers.

Trish Dailey (phone): Yeah, right. We'd have been better off without your "help".

(After overcharging the fourth keg)
Moya Jones (phone): You're dumping all kinds of tar into the system!

End of evil karma dialogue

(After destroying or overcharging the final keg)

Kessler: She's going to be pretty pissed about this.

Cole MacGrath: Who the hell are you?

Kessler: Just a concerned citizen. Now hold still.

Pandora's BoxEdit

Cole MacGrath: (narrating) He leaped towards me, his icy fingers digging into my head. For a moment, there was nothing, and then he started to show me things... horrible things... beyond description. And in that split second, I understood... he was showing me the future. Death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. As he released me, I knew that he was responsible for all of it, that he had opened Pandora's Box, and it wasn't ever gonna close... and that that damn Ray Sphere was somehow involved. And then he was gone...

(After mission is complete)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Get on back here, brotha. Got some beverages chillin' for ya.

Cole MacGrath: I'm on my way.

No ProtectionEdit

(Inside the sewers)

Moya Jones (phone): Got some intel for you. The leader of the Reapers is a woman named Sasha. No last name. Until a few months ago, she was a high-ranking member of the First Sons. Spearheaded a lot of her research.

Cole MacGrath: So you think she knows where John is?

Moya Jones (phone): There's no way of knowing. But even if she doesn't, you have to take her out; it's the only way we'll be able to get a handle on the plague. I'll let you know when I've locked down her location.

(After mission is complete)

Trish Dailey (phone): Cole, you there?

Cole MacGrath: Trish?

Trish Dailey (phone): A plane just dropped a crate of medical supplies, and someone needs to protect it from the Reapers.

Cole MacGrath: And you want me to do it.

Trish Dailey (phone): You're the only person I know with super powers. Besides you owe me... all of us, for what you did. I'll be in touch when the crate is safe.

Trish Reaches OutEdit

Cole MacGrath: Here come the party crashers...

(Cole fights the Reapers to protect the medical crate.)

Cole MacGrath: Yeah, bring it on.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey man, you got a sec? Been kickin' an idea around and I want to talk to you about it.

Cole MacGrath: Kind of got my hands full right now. Reapers are all over me.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Those idiots aren't going anywhere. Besides, this is important. You know how you use that blast move to throw a guy into the air, and then shoot him while he's floatin' around? We need to name those kinds of moves, man.

Cole MacGrath: Now's not really the time...

Zeke Dunbar (phone): I'm thinking we call it the Crippler. You know, cause no one's comin' back from that one. We can plaster it all over some t-shirts, make some serious cashola. Think about it, man. You're the muscle, I'm the brains.

(Cole finishes off the remaining enemies until Trish arrives.)

Cole MacGrath: Need any help moving that stuff?

Trish Dailey: We got it. And Cole? Thanks for your help.

Cole MacGrath: This mean we're talking again?

Trish Dailey: We'll see.

Dinner with SashaEdit

Cole MacGrath: All right Moya, I'm across from the Jefferson Tunnel.

Moya Jones (phone): Since the entrance is blocked, you're going to have to figure out a way to get down there. Your best bet is to head into the compound across the street and look for a way to open the gate.

Cole MacGrath: Rock 'n roll.

(After defeating the Reapers in the compound and unlocking the gate)

Sasha (echo): I can feel the love inside you, just waiting to be coaxed out. We're going to have such fun.

(While fighting the Reapers in the tunnel)

Cole MacGrath: Getting sick of you guys.

Sasha (echo): What's this? No, that's not possible. You lie!

Cole MacGrath: ...ugh...

(After bursting through a locked gate)

Cole MacGrath: Moya... I think I found where they're making the Reapers. Bunch of people down here, locked in cages, machines spraying the black tar all over them.

Moya Jones (phone): Get them out of there and then deal with Sasha.

(After freeing the hostages)

Sasha (echo): You think I don't see her, the way you're parading her around like a common Jezebel? I see everything now, Kessler. All of it.

Cole MacGrath: ...damn, what's your problem...

Sasha (echo): Oh, you're a tricky bastard. Playing your games, thinking you're smarter than everyone else. You're going to pay. Oh god yes.

(After Cole jumps down into Sasha's lair)

Sasha: Darling! What took you? Was there traffic? I told you not to take the bridge, it's always backed up at night. Get dressed, we have dinner plans tonight. Of course I told you. Silly man.

Cole MacGrath: You gotta be kidding me.

Cole MacGrath: Dammit.

(Each time Cole steps into the tar)
Cole MacGrath

  • ...crap...
  • ...hell...
  • Ah!
  • Dammit...

(While facing Sasha up close for the first time)

Sasha: Stop trying to confuse me!

Cole MacGrath: ...keep talking...

(After Sasha warps away)

Sasha: Ha-ha-ha!

Cole MacGrath: ...damn nutjobs.

Sasha: They're expecting us at seven. Of course it's formal wear. I laid out your tuxedo. And I made soup from the neighbor's bones. You want a taste?

(When Cole knocks her down)

Cole MacGrath: Now that she's down, it's time to get up close and personal.

(When approaching Sasha up close for the second time)

Sasha: Yes, yes! I love it!

Cole MacGrath: Hold still.

(After Sasha retreats)

Sasha: Remember the weekend in Maine? We stayed in bed the entire time, and oh how you whispered to me. The promises you made!

Cole MacGrath: Shut the hell up!

Sasha: Why, Kessler? Why do you love here? I'll kill her, I swear it. I'll wear her skin like a robe.

(When approaching Sasha up close for the third time)

Sasha: Ha-ha-ha.

Cole MacGrath: Crazy bitch.

(After Sasha retreats)

Sasha: You don't know, do you? Of course not, how could you. But I'll find out soon enough. And oh how you'll weep.

(When approaching Sasha up close for the fourth time)

Cole MacGrath: Why don't you just die!

(Cole subdues Sasha, making her fall down.)

Sasha: Screams.

Sasha: You'll never control it, Cole. Look at me. Look at what it's done. It controls you.

Warped Body, Twisted MindEdit

Cole MacGrath: (narrating) Sasha was a piece of shit before the blast... but looking at her now... is this what my powers are going to do to me? A warped body and twisted mind... is that my future? Either way, she knows all about the First Sons and their Ray Sphere. If I'm going to dig myself out of this hole... it starts with her talking, right now. They came in fast, smoke everywhere. Sasha got pulled out... whoever they were, they were pros, trained for this kind of thing. There was no time to think... water was pouring in and the place was falling apart. With no way back, I went forward, into the slums of the Warren.

(After mission is complete)

Cole MacGrath: Zeke, pick up.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey brother. Where the hell you been?

Cole MacGrath: It's a long story. Wanted to let you know I'm over in the Warren.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): The Warren? Damn man, that place was nightmare-central before the blast — hate to see what it's like now.

Cole MacGrath: Hasn't gotten any better, that's for sure. I'll give you a call when I figure out how I'm going to get back home.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Keep your nose to the wind, man.


(Inside the sewers)

Moya Jones (phone): Pulled some intel on the Warren. A couple days after the blast, the homeless people living there banded together and seized control of the entire borough. They call themselves the Dust Men.

Cole MacGrath: Guess that explains why they're all wearing trash bags.

Moya Jones (phone): I suspect that they're led by an extremely powerful conduit, so it'd be a big mistake to underestimate them.

Cole MacGrath: I get it.

(While traveling through the sewer using Static Thrusters)

Cole MacGrath: Traveling with style.

(After mission is complete)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey Cole, you remember Dwight? Just ran into his sister and she thinks he's in some kind of trouble. Wants to know if you'll look for him.

Cole MacGrath: Dwight? Didn't that guy steal your car and strip it down for parts?

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Yeah, yeah, yeah, he was a real tool. But you know, I've dug his sister for a real long time now, and uh, you'd be doing me a real solid with this one.

Cole MacGrath: And you think if I find Dwight, she'll "reward" you.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hell, it's not like I can do anything from here. She says Dwight was hangin' around the Chummy Chicken the last time they talked, guess he was workin' over there. That might be a good place for you to start.

Trish Dailey (phone): Cole, are you there?

Cole MacGrath: Hi Trish.

Trish Dailey (phone): It's getting bad over here. People are dying, and there's nothing I can do. I need to get a bus over to Bayview and see if it still has any supplies.

Cole MacGrath: I came through the tunnel, and it's trashed. Same with the Stone Canal Drawbridge.

Trish Dailey (phone): You remember Roger Miller from Amy's graduation? He's a city engineer that used to work with my dad, and if anyone can fix the bridge, it'd be him. He lives by Valentine Park.

Cole MacGrath: I'll try and find him.

Zeke's RequestEdit

Cole MacGrath: Dwight's dead, Zeke. Someone really messed him up.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Ah, man — his sister's gonna flip out when I tell her that. Hell, you should find the guys who did it — I could play off that angle. Maybe. C'mon man, I need this.

Cole MacGrath: There is something deeply wrong with you, Zeke.

(In Cole's vision)

Dwight: No, stay away from me! Aghh!

(After Cole's vision ends)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You use that psychic-vision-dealy to see the killer?

Cole MacGrath: Hard to make out — looked like a man and a dog or something.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Dwight was killed by a dog? Damn! Had a cousin that went the same way. Whew, shouldn't have had an open casket, but ole Smitty wanted one. People were passing out, puking, ah you name it. It was horrible. Still haven't recovered from that one.

(Cole encounters an interested male civilian.)

Male civilian: Holy crap, you're him. It's great what you're doing, the way you're cleaning up this place.

Cole MacGrath: What're those posters supposed to be for?

Male civilian: Just trying something out, you know, spreading the word about ya, what you're doing. Which one do you like?

(Karmic moment)

Cole MacGrath: (thinking) Hmm, since this guy is going to hang those up anyway. I might as well decide how people should view me. Do I want them to love me — or fear me?

(Note: Dialogue remains the same regardless of karmic action.)

Cole MacGrath: I like that one.

Male civilian: Right on! I'll print up more of those and start hanging 'em all over the city! It's going to be awesome!

Cole MacGrath: (to himself) Zeke is never gonna believe this one.

(Cole stumbles upon a group of scrap crabs.)

Cole MacGrath: You gotta be kidding me.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Any luck?

Cole MacGrath: Not yet. Dealing with some crab-things that are running all over the place. I think the transients are making them from old parts.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Keep looking, man! Gotta find that trash-bagger that killed Dwight.

(Upon finding the killer)

Cole MacGrath: Finally found your sorry ass.

(After defeating the Conduit)

Cole MacGrath: Hey Zeke, I took care of the guy who greased Dwight. And just so we're clear, this was a one-time deal. I'm not doing this to help you score.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): I hear you, brother. I owe you a big one.

(After mission is complete)

Cole MacGrath: Hey Zeke, you still on the roof?

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You know it, brother. Trying to hook up with Dwight's sister — you swinging by for a little siesta?

Cole MacGrath: Yeah. See you in a bit.

An Old FriendEdit

Cole MacGrath: This doesn't look good.

Cole MacGrath: Trish, I think I found Roger. He must've done something to piss these guys off, because they're all over him.

Trish Dailey (phone): There's a rumor going around that the transients are kidnapping engineers and mechanics, using them as slave labor. The worst part is that they publicly execute anyone who refuses to work. If they've got Roger, you have to take them out at the same time, or they'll kill him.

Cole MacGrath: Don't worry, I'll handle it.

(After defeating the Dust Men)

Roger Miller: You're that guy, aren't you? The one with the powers.

Cole MacGrath: Yeah... listen, are you Roger Miller? Trish Dailey sent me. She's hoping you can fix the Stone Canal Drawbridge.

Roger Miller: Trish? She's stuck in the quarantine, too?

Cole MacGrath: Afraid so.

Roger Miller: Hell. Used to go camping with them, you know. Kind of fell out of touch when her old man got transferred upstate. What about Amy? She make it out?

Cole MacGrath: Uh — yeah, she did.

Roger Miller: Good, good. I hate to see both those girls stuck in here.

(Upon reaching the bridge controls)

Roger Miller: Man, this is screwed up nine ways from Sunday. Watch my back. This is going to take a while.

(As Cole is fighting the Dust Men)

Roger Miller: Guess they don't want the bridge open.

Roger Miller: Damn circuits are fried.

(When Dust Men bombers approach)

Roger Miller: Kill them! All of them!

Cole MacGrath: You about done over there?

Roger Miller: Working as fast as I can.

(The bridge lowers down only halfway.)

Roger Miller: You've got to be kidding me! Hydraulics on the other side aren't engaging.

Cole MacGrath: Well, can you fix them?

Roger Miller: No, has to be done on the far side of the bridge. Hey, hold on, I know someone who might be able to help us.

(Roger phones Lou.)

Roger Miller: Lou, it's Roger. The #4 hydraulic on the south side of SC isn't engaging, and I need your help getting it online. Where are you?

Lou Purgon: (phone) Memorial Park, near the bridge, but unless you're carrying a gun, I'm not going anywhere — Reapers are swarming all over this place.

Roger Miller: Yeah, well, I'm sending something that's better than a gun. See you in a bit.

(As Cole draws closer to Lou's position)

Cole MacGrath: Going to have to hit those guys fast.

(After defeating the Reapers)

Cole MacGrath: You all right?

Lou Purgon: Holy crap, that was insane. Did Roger send you?

Cole MacGrath: Yeah. Let's go.

Cole MacGrath: So, what'd the Reapers want with you?

Lou Purgon: They heard the transients are looking for engineers to work on their tower, so they were going to trade me. Figured they'd get a reward or something.

Cole MacGrath: Seems like a lot of work to build a monument to garbage.

Lou Purgon: All I know is that working on that thing is a death sentence — they work you until you drop, and then they pop you in the head.

(Upon reaching the bridge controls)

Lou Purgon: Keep an eye out. Lots of Reapers roaming around.

Lou Purgon: Here they come!

(As Cole fights the Reapers)

Lou Purgon: They're not giving up!

Cole MacGrath: It's safe now — get that thing fixed.

Lou Purgon: There's more of them!

Roger Miller: (phone) Hey, need some help over here!

Cole MacGrath: (to Lou) Tell Roger I'm on my way.

(After defeating the Dust Men)

Roger Miller: I don't think the transients are going to cause me any more problems. Better go check on Lou.

(After defeating the last of the Reapers)

Lou Purgon: Dammit, everything checks out, but the power grid is under-voltage. There's not enough juice to fire the hydraulics.

Cole MacGrath: Stand back.

(After charging up the control panel on the south side)

Lou Purgon: Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta find someplace safe. See you around.

(After charging up the control panel on the north side)

Roger Miller: And to think if I'd taken early retirement, I would've missed all of this. I need to have my head examined.

Cole MacGrath: Thanks for helping with the bridge.

Roger Miller: No sweat. Tell Trish I said hello.

(After the mission is complete)

Trish Dailey: (voice mail) Hi, you've reached Trish Dailey's voice mail. Please leave a message.

Cole MacGrath: Trish, I just wanted to let you know that the drawbridge is down. I'll give you a call later and see how things are going.

(Upon meeting Zeke back on the rooftop)

Zeke Dunbar: This superhero racket is great, man. Solvin' crimes, getting some lovin' from the ladies. I could get used to livin' like this.

Cole MacGrath: You're not actually a superhero, Zeke.

Zeke Dunbar: Hell, I know that. But it doesn't change the fact that I've had a taste of the good life.

Cole MacGrath: Having these powers isn't exactly a walk in the park.

Zeke Dunbar: Are you crazy? People around here, they worship you, man.

Cole MacGrath: Fat a lot of good it's done me.

Zeke Dunbar: Oh crap, I gotta go. Dwight's sister is hot and ready to go, if you know what I mean.

Onscreen: Day 17

(After waking up on the rooftop.)

Cole MacGrath: Hey Moya, I'm making a run to the next substation.

Moya Jones (phone): Its location is flagged on your GPS. I'm also tracking a couple new developments; I'll be in touch once the power is back on.

(As Cole makes his way to the sewer.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): So Dwight's sister just took off. Man, it was a disaster.

Cole MacGrath: What? I thought you were golden?

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Wanted to treat her right, you know? Show her a good time, let things simmer a bit. Any old idgit can land a one-nighter. I wanted to something more, like what you and Trish had.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Well anyway, she comes over and says she can only stay a minute or two. And starts talkin' about, uh, I don't know, how she really digs me, but she sees me as a friend. "I'll always be your friend, Zeke" — she actually said that to me.

Cole MacGrath: Oh, man.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Women are something else. Never will understand them.

Playing HeroEdit

Zeke Dunbar (phone): So I was walkin' over to help Trish load up her bus, and I see Dwight's sister hangin' on some guy's arm. She didn't even look at me.

Cole MacGrath: Sorry, man.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): I shoulda known better — she's always been like that. Ah no biggle, though. Frees me up to play the field, see what else is out there. Catch ya later.

(After the mission is complete.)

Moya Jones (phone): Been receiving reports of unauthorized drones patrolling the Warren. Since they're not ours, you should look into them. It also sounds like the Dust Men are planning a quarantine break.

Cole MacGrath: All right.

Moya Jones (phone): One other thing — tell your friend Zeke to stop calling me. If he wants to play hero and track down "leads", that's his business. But I don't need to hear about it.

Cole MacGrath: Zeke, what the hell are you doing...

Alden StrikesEdit

Spy DronesEdit

(If the player destroys a drone but it lands in the water.)

Cole MacGrath: Moya, the drone crashed into the water. No way I can recover it.

Moya Jones: All right, look for another one. And Cole, try to get them to crash over land.

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Standard ProtocolEdit

Anything for TrishEdit

The ArrestEdit

Terrorized StreetsEdit

Alden in ChainsEdit

Light in the TunnelEdit

Secrets RevealedEdit

The Ray SphereEdit

Alden's RampageEdit

The PriceEdit


Against the WorldEdit

Hunt for the Ray SphereEdit

End of the RoadEdit

The TruthEdit

Side missionsEdit

Walk the DogsEdit

Neon District

Warden Harms (phone): Cole, this is Warden Harms. I know you've got your hands full, but from time to time, I'm going to need your help handling some things.

Cole MacGrath: What've you got in mind?

Warden Harms (phone): My men have captured some Reapers, and I need you to escort them back to the station so we can interrogate them.

(Cole finds the captured Reapers.)

Warden Harms (phone): Sorry for pulling my men out — we're stretched really thin. Bring in the Reapers, and don't be afraid to get a little rough with them.

The Warren

Police Officer: Hey, can you escort these guys across town? We need to interrogate them.

The Warren(2)

Police Officer: Got some prisoners we need to interrogate. Escort them across town.


Cole MacGrath
(When zapping an enemy.)

  • Walk faster!
  • Get going!
  • We don't have all day.
  • Let's pick it up.
  • Move it.
  • Walk or die. Your choice.
  • Shouldn't have provoked me.
  • Stop screwing around! Walk!
  • Pick up the pace.

(When fighting an enemy.)

  • Bad move.
  • I'm going to mess you up.

(When trying to stop an enemy from escaping)

  • You wish
  • Nice try.
  • You're not going anywhere

(When allowing an enemy to escape.)

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Fan ClubEdit

Neon District

Warden Harms (phone): A group of people are marching through the streets in a kind of protest. They're trying to send a signal to the Reapers that the people are on your side.

Cole MacGrath: I'm sure the Reapers appreciate that.

Warden Harms (phone): I got some men over there, but in case something goes wrong, I'd like you there, too. Don't let anything happen to the people marching.

(After the mission is complete)

Warden Harms (phone): Nice work, Cole. I'll be in touch.

Historic District

Warden Harms (phone): Cole, this is Harms. There's another group of people marching through the streets. Keep an eye on them.

Warden Harms (phone): Get up high and watch for snipers. My guys have the ground covered.

(After the mission is complete)

Warden Harms (phone): Thanks, Cole. You're one of the good ones.

Officer DownEdit

(After seeing what happened to the officer)

Cole MacGrath: Crap, this doesn't look good.

Tough CollarEdit

Police Officer: We're having a hell of a time bringing down a Reaper Conduit. Can you capture him for us? We need him alive.

Tied DownEdit

Neon District

Police Officer: Need you to nab some Reapers for us. Don't kill them. We need them alive so that we can get information out of them.

Historic District

Police Officer: We need you to capture some First Sons for us. Don't kill them. We need them alive so that we can get information out of them.


Warden Harms (phone): Some of those damn Dust Men have broken out of their cells, and they're making a stand of the roof of the central prison tower. If you climb up the back wall, you should be able to surprise them. Just make sure you take them all out — we've got to show that we don't tolerate this kind of crap.

(After mission is complete.)

Warden Harms (phone): Nice work. Hopefully that'll keep the other prisoners in line.

Rat's NestEdit

The Warren

Warden Harms (phone): Some of my guys have noticed that a group of Dust Men keep going in and out of that building — I think they're using it as a weapons warehouse. Smoke them out.

Historic District

Warden Harms (phone): Found a First Sons stronghold. Smoke 'em out.

Cops and RobbersEdit

Warden Harms (phone): The 14th precinct's getting hammered by Dust Men. Get over there and help them out — if we lose that precinct, we're in a world of trouble.

(After the mission is complete.)

Warden Harms (phone): That was pretty close. Thanks, Cole.

Titanic JusticeEdit

Warden Harms (phone): There's a big fight brewing between the Dust Men and the First Sons. Normally, I'd gladly sit back and watch those idiots beat the hell out of each other, but there are too many innocent people around there. Put a stop to the fight.

Walking WoundedEdit

Warden Harms (phone): My men just rescued some people who've been infected. Their only chance is if you get them to the med station before the poison kills them.

(When Cole finds the dead EMTs.)

Cole MacGrath: Hey Harms, all of the EMTs are dead.

Warden Harms (phone): Dammit! All right, get them away from there. I've got some men who'll meet you.

Angry MobEdit

Neon District

Male pedestrian: There's a lynch mob forming, and they want your head on a platter. There are cops with them, too.

Historic District

Sasha (echo): The pigs and the sheep are marching through the streets, seeking to restore order. We can't allow that, my sweet. They must realized that I am their queen and you are my king.

(As Cole fights the protestors.)

Sasha (echo): Show them the errors in their ways.

(After the mission is complete.)

Sasha (echo): Excellent, my love. They'll think before they try something like that again.

Hit SquadEdit


Neon District
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Historic District

Sasha (echo): The First Sons like to play rough, but we'll show them. Oh my, yes. Unleash hell, my love. Destroy all that you see!

Dirty JobEdit

No ForgivenessEdit

New FriendsEdit


Neon District
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Historic District

Sasha (echo): I have something for you, Cole. I've seized control of their minds, placed them under your control. They will do as you do, go where you go. Use them to wreak havoc against the First Sons. Show them that we're not to be crossed!

(After the mission is complete.)

Sasha (echo): You continue to astound me, my love. I can't wait for the whole world to see what we share, what we're capable of!

Stick it to the ManEdit

Death MarchEdit

The Warren
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Historic District

Sasha (echo): My beloveds have captured several of Kessler's First Sons. Go to them.

(Upon reaching the destination.)

Sasha (echo): They're monsters, Cole, barbarians. Take them to the blast site and execute them. All of them.

Sasha (echo): No! Kill them before they escape!

(After the mission is complete.)

Sasha (echo): Well done, well done. You're truly a man worthy of my love.


(When zapping an enemy.)

  • Walk faster!
  • Get going!
  • We don't have all day.
  • Let's pick it up.
  • Move it.
  • Walk or die. Your choice.
  • Shouldn't have provoked me.
  • Stop screwing around! Walk!
  • Pick up the pace.

(When fighting an enemy.)

  • Bad move.
  • I'm going to mess you up.

(When trying to stop an enemy from escaping)

  • You wish
  • Nice try.
  • You're not going anywhere

(When allowing an enemy to escape.)

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Night on the TownEdit

Titanic BeatdownEdit

Sasha (echo): There's a battle brewing between the cursed First Sons and the transients. Follow my beloveds, they will show you where to go.

Sasha (echo): Annihilate them! Wipe them out!

(After the mission is complete.)

Sasha (echo): You're such a wonderful man, so kind, so loving. Soon you'll be rewarded.

Grave DangerEdit

Male pedestrian: Hello Terrorist — my brothers and I have arranged a little party for you.

Satellite UplinksEdit

Note: Only the first mission includes dialogue.

Moya Jones (phone): I'm getting word that there are people out there who can offer some help, but I can't locate them. If you re-activate the satellite uplinks, I'll be able to track them down and mark their locations on your GPS.

(Approaching the satellite.)

Cole MacGrath: Looks busted.

Moya Jones (phone): Drain that one of its electricity, which will reset it. Once that's done, you just need to run past the others, and you'll resynchronize them all.

Dark WaterEdit


Female civilian: Whole crowds of people are being rounded up. Do something!


Spy GamesEdit


The InformantEdit

Playing DoctorEdit

Dark Water (2)Edit

Spy Games (2)Edit

Mobile PoisonEdit

The ImposterEdit

Dark Water (3)Edit

Abduction (2)Edit

Hidden PackageEdit

Counter Surveillance (2)Edit

Clinical OnslaughtEdit

Dark Water (4)Edit

Clinical DisasterEdit

Abduction (3)Edit


Spy Games (3)Edit

Abduction (4)Edit

Explosive ChoicesEdit

Mobile Poison 2Edit

Drug RunnersEdit

Neon District

EMT: Some deranged maniacs are busting up my clinic. Can you deal with them? Please, you've got to chase them down and get my supplies back.

(Upon completing the mission.)

EMT: Thanks. I can save a lot lives with these supplies.

Historic District

EMT: A bunch of First Sons stole my medical supplies- they ran over that way.

(Upon completing the mission.)

EMT: Thanks. I can save a lot lives with these supplies.

Dead dropsEdit

Initial MeetingEdit

John White: Contact established with the First Sons. Met a woman who called herself Jane, and she asked me a variety of questions including whether I have ever exhibited extra-sensory abilities. Told her I have dream-based ESP and involuntary telekinetic abilities. Jane seemed to mull this over for a while, and then she gave me an address. I was instructed to meet her there at midnight, No other details".

Induction, Part IEdit

John White: Ten-day communication delay due to being incapacitated. Met Jane outside of an abandoned warehouse. She put a black bag over my head and led me in. Counted two thousand steps and one right-hand turn. She sat me in a chair, strapped down my arms and legs, and left me there.


(Also transcribed in "Mysterious Signals")

John White: I couldn’t stop Kessler from detonating the Ray Sphere. Damn thing took out five or six square blocks, killed God knows how many.

Found the Ray Sphere in the blast crater, next to some kid. I dunno if he was dead or not, I didn’t have time to check. I’m going to try and hold up somewhere. If anyone is even listening to these things, I need immediate extraction. Please. You need to get me out of here before Kessler finds me!

Induction, Part IIEdit

John White: Don’t know how long I sat strapped to that chair- at least a couple of hours. Finally, the bag was removed and this brute of a man stood in front of me. Had to be seven feet tall and four hundred pounds. He told me he was going to beat me, and if I wanted him to stop, I would have to do it mentally, with my mind. Then he punched me in the face.

Installing DishesEdit

John White: Released from the infirmary. Initial assignment is installing and configuring satellite dishes across Empire City. When I asked what they planned to do with dishes, I was told to mind my own business. Because the dishes are relatively remote and secure, I use them for my dead drops.

Induction, Part IIIEdit

John White: For the first thirty minutes or so of the beating, he focused on my midsection, hitting me square on the ribs. I tried to play along, squinted my eyes and gave him looks, looked like I was really doing something with my mind, but that just made him laugh. After landing three straight blows to my head, he bent over and told me to focus, to shape my thoughts and make them real. And if I couldn't do it, he was going to beat me to death. He then punched me so damn hard, I blacked out.


John White: Kept in the infirmary for several days. Had my own room, and other than a nurse didn’t see anyone. I tested the door five times, and it was always locked. Checked the IV, and they had me on a steady dose of Dolapheen. So much for their healing abilities.


John White: Was introduced to Kessler today. He has some kind of metal device attached to his right arm, and his face was scarred, probably the result of an accident. One of the other guards said that Kessler had been the leader of the First Sons for decades, but that he vanishes for long periods of time. Initial impression is that Kessler is a true believer. He has an agenda, and he’s going to carry it out. We may have to move against him sooner than we initially planned.

Lab AccessEdit

John White: Gained access to the primary lab. Audio surveillance will begin within the next twenty-four hours. I placed two recording devices in the lab, which should provide optimal coverage. I’m also going to attempt to place devices in the cafeteria and other public places.


John White: Change in assignment- I’m now tasked with protecting a woman named Sasha. She’s supposedly researching mind-control techniques. Something with a spray or a gel. My gut tells me she’s a honey pot, so I’ll have to be careful around her.

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part I)Edit

John White: Audio recording of Kessler follows

Kessler: Test subject #345a is exhibiting remarkable signs of progress. The pituitary region of the brain has grown by 39%, and small muscle regeneration is almost instantaneous. I do have some concerns with the lack of proper blood flow to the lower extremities. Oxygen absorption in those areas are off by 3.6%, a rather substantial decrease that could impact the subject's performance. We’ll need to perform more tests.

First Sons, Part IEdit

John White: Background information. The origins of the First Sons date back to Medieval Europe, exact date unknown. Because they were viewed as witches, or in league with the devil, they were forced to flee to the New World in the 17th century. Once settled in America, the group continued their meetings and experiments, focusing on telekinesis, precognition, and channeling. This is probably apocryphal, but current members claim responsibility for what happened in Salem in 1692 and ’93 and use those events to validate their mentalist abilities.

First Sons, Part IIEdit

John White: Background information. Membership levels surged after the Civil War, as they sought people who shared their interests and beliefs, but it was the arrival of Richard Tate in 1892 that resulted in the creation of what we consider the First Sons. Tate’s primary goal was to use the technology of the time to unlock the “true” power of mentalists. Tate firmly believed in emerging technology, particularly the work of Edison, could be used to enhance the group's mental powers.

Luigi GalvaniEdit

John White: Discovered a cache of documents relating to the work of Luigi Galvani. It’s obvious that someone, probably Kessler, took Galvani’s ideas of how electricity interacts with muscles and tried to expand it. Bunch of stuff here on creating a new kind of ion, but I don’t understand it. Going to copy all of this and send it to the P.O. box.

The WarrenEdit

John White: Escorted Sasha into the Warren tonight so she could meet with some older man. Don’t know his name, but Sasha made it clear she wanted the meeting kept a secret. As for the Warren, it’s even worse than I had imagined. Homeless people everywhere, people starving, buildings on the verge of falling down. Someone needs to take a bulldozer to that place.

First Sons, Part IIIEdit

John White: Background information. According to the group’s official history, research surged ahead and numerous breakthroughs were achieved under Tate’s leadership. Side-note: No evidence remains of any specific breakthroughs. Repeated requests to witness anything created during this era were denied. End of side-note. After Tate’s death, the First Sons formally designated Empire City as their base of operations.

Sasha and KesslerEdit

John White: A romantic relationship has formed between Sasha and Kessler. Although it largely appear to be on the level, occasionally Sasha will mutter that Kessler isn’t doing as “he’s told”, or that she doesn't understand why he's “different”. She's clearly referencing the beyond usual power dynamics present in any relationship.

Ray SphereEdit

John White: First glimpse of a device Kessler calls the “Ray Sphere”. It's about the size of a basketball and appears to be structured from two halves that are connected via an array of electrical cables and silicon boards. An unknown object occupies its center. At first blush, it looks like a bomb of some type. Going to have to track it carefully.

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part II)Edit

John White: Audio recording of Kessler follows.

Kessler: Experiment #34j. Placing a male rat of average size into a lead box; the Ray Sphere is in a secondary chamber adjacent to test subject. All previous experiments have ended in instantaneous death of the subject. Closing the lid. Activating the Ray Sphere. Ray Sphere is cycling down, and, wait. I can hear the subject moving. Unbelievable – it’s flying! Dammit, shoot it! Shoot it!

Sasha ExpelledEdit

John White: Kessler and Sasha had a very public falling out today. No real details about what prompted it, but it concluded with Sasha physically attacking Kessler. I was ordered to escort Sasha from the premises, which I did.

As she left, Sasha turned and looked at me and said she’d be back, that we’ll suffer and die by her hand. Got to admit, the look on her face creeped me out a bit. I expect to be reassigned to Kessler.

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part III)Edit

John White: Audio recording of Kessler follows.

Kessler: Experiment 52c. A full-grown, male chimpanzee is connected to the Ray Sphere via six electrodes. Mitch, go ahead and turn the meter to ten. The subject is experiencing minor discomfort. Turn it up to 15. Interesting... Let’s go to 20. Subject is now in obvious pain and is bleeding from the nose and ears. Go up to 28 Mitch. Dammit. Well, that didn’t work as I had expected. Mitch, get someone in here to clean that up.

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part IV)Edit

John White: Audio recording of Kessler follows.

Kessler: Yes, I’d like to schedule a package for delivery. No, just one. Would it be possible to request a specific courier? I see. Well, I’m sure they’re all reliable, but there’s only one I trust. His name is Cole MacGrath. Yes, I’ll hold.

Operational SupportEdit

John White: Is anyone over there listening to these drops? It’s been two weeks since I’ve had any contact with the agency, and the stuff I’m seeing is a million times worse than what we expected. Animals with superpowers, people moving things with their minds. You can’t expect me to handle this all on my own.

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part V)Edit

John White: Audio recording of Kessler follows.

Kessler: Final preparations nearly complete. The device will be delivered to the corner of 19th and Sloat at 1900 hours, with detonation following two minutes later. Post-blast, the device will be retrieved and placed into stasis while I await the results. In case the event doesn’t bring about the desired results, a second event will be scheduled.

Arrest KesslerEdit

John White: Based on the evidence I’ve collected, I’m recommending immediate action be taken against Kessler. Because of the threat, he poses to national security, Kessler qualifies as for extraordinary rendition pursuant, to sub-section 34c of the Patriot Act. Please advise.

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part VI)Edit

John White: Audio recording of Kessler follows.

Kessler: Animal-based trials have proven to be an effective, if limited, means of experimentation. Because animals lack the cognitive thinking of humans, the Ray Sphere literally “forces” extraordinary abilities upon the test subject. That said, all data suggests that in the event the Ray Sphere is activated in the presence of a human conduit, the results will be extremely impressive. Abilities should manifest within 1 to 48 hours, and given the right circumstances, the conduit will have full control of their powers, within three weeks. Current testing shows that the Ray Sphere has no effect on humans who are not conduits."

Operation StatusEdit

John White: Listen, I’m sick and tired of getting the runaround. My handler has vanished and no one is returning my calls! How much more evidence do you need? If this goes down, it’ll be on your hands, not mine. You let this happen!

Ray Sphere LostEdit

John White: Those damn transients, or Dust Men, whatever they’re called, found me. Busted in while I was sleeping and took the Ray Sphere. I shot two of them, but the others lost me – I don’t know the city as well as they do. I have a single cache of UAVs hidden near the docks. Going to deploy ‘em and see if I can figure out where they took the Ray Sphere.

Meeting with ColeEdit

John White: Made initial contact with Cole MacGrath, the so-called “electric man” and enlisted his help. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders, but he's been duped into working for someone called Moya. My gut says she's a rival agency, a foreign power, or is working with Kessler. Would love to get my hands on her and find out what she knows."

Voice of SurvivalEdit

John White: Watched some of Kessler’s goons raid the TV station of the so-called Voice of Survival was using. He tried to send out a final broadcast, but they killed him before he could say much. Too bad it ended the way it did. I kind of liked that kid.


John White: Been spending a lot of time thinking what’s been happening here. The CDC suddenly getting Military units, FEMA acting like a law enforcement agency. No word at all from anyone in the NSA and God knows what the FBI is doing. Seems like someone is setting the stage for a fundamental shift in the way this country works, and who runs it. If we don’t destroy the Ray Sphere, there could be people like Cole everywhere. And who would stop them? Nobody."

Message for John WhiteEdit

Director Houston: Agent White, This is NSA Director Houston. Your operation has been terminated. No one is blaming you for what happened - we know you did everything you could. We will have a chopper at drop point Zeta every day at 1650 hours. It’s time for you to come home.

USTV broadcastsEdit

(After completion of "First Glimpse".)

News reporter (TV screen): Large-scale relief efforts in Empire City continued as FEMA delivered several tons of food, medicine, and other essential supplies into Archer Square. Officials tell USTV that relief efforts will continue around the clock for the foreseeable future. Some observers are already comparing the scale of this operation to the Berlin Air Lift, which saved that city from communist aggression. Hope is on the way, Empire City.

Voice of Survival broadcastsEdit

Voice of Survival (TV screen): We're not going anywhere, so get comfortable. Voice of survival out.

Voice of Survival (TV screen): Just got back from Ground Zero, a lot of kids are freezing their asses off. If you've got something to spare, take it over there. Don't give me the "I need it more than they do", and just because you don't got any kids' clothes doesn't mean you're off the hook. Give what you've got. Kids are cold and scared and doesn't care if the clothes fit or not. He just wants to be warm.

Voice of Survival (TV screen): It's getting cold out there, especially at night. Do what it takes to stay warm. Cut down trees, strip the wood off of buildings, collect paper, scavenge furniture. If it produces heat, burn it. The old rules don't exist, not anymore. Voice of survival, out.

On-screen quotesEdit

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.
— John F. Kennedy
He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.
— Leonardo da Vinci
Any man can overcome adversity. If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power.
— Abraham Lincoln
Every man is guilty of the good he did not do.
— Voltaire
Great and Good are seldom the same man.
— Winston Churchill
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.
— Henri Bergson
To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.
— Charles de Montesquieu
There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it.
— Buddha
May you live your life as if the maxim of your actions were to become universal law.
— Immanuel Kant
It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny.
— Jean Nidetch
Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
— Kahlil Gibran
Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings.
— Hellen Keller
Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi
If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.
— Thomas Jefferson
If there is something to pardon in everything, there is also something to condemn.
— Nietzsche
Atlas was permitted the opinion that he was at liberty, if he wished, to drop the Earth and creep away; but this opinion was all that he was permitted.
— Franz Kafka


(If Cole destroys a gas station for the first time.)
Zeke Dunbar (phone): Who-hoo! Just saw this hellacious explosion! What the hell was that?

Cole MacGrath: Um... I blew up the gas station.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): What?! Just 'cause you can't drive, man, doesn't mean no one else wants to. We could've used that gas.

Cole MacGrath: Oh, like you wouldn't have done the same thing.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Touché, capitain.

(After completing side missions.)

Zeke Dunbar
  • Just saw some people hangin' posters up. Got your face plastered all over 'em. Now that's publicity!
  • I'm so dang glad that I don't have to wade through eight feet of garbage anymore. People are really turnin' this place around. Won't be long now, and things'll be back to normal.
  • You know there's a Cole fan club now? I swear, people around here must have some free time.
  • Hey Cole, just wanted to let you know that crime is way down. It's good to see. Keep it up, brother.
  • Man alive, never thought I'd see this come back to life. You're doing good work, brother.
  • People are really startin' to clean up this place. And it's about time. The smell was bad enough to knock a buzzard right off the proverbial wagon.



  • What did we do to deserve all this?!
  • You deserve to die!
  • Gross!
  • Hey Cole, remember me?
  • That was too close for comfort.
  • I don't even know where to begin.
  • Way to go!
  • Thank you so much!
  • Well played


  • This is all your fault!
  • All of our suffering is because of you!
  • Oh, thank goodness!
  • Hi, Cole.
  • You're going to get yourself killed!
  • Why didn't I just stay home today?
  • You saved me!
  • It is really him!
  • Such a relief.
  • What's happening?
  • I'm sorry.
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