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==Zeke's Request==
==Zeke's Request==
'''Cole MacGrath''': Dwight's dead, Zeke. Someone really messed him up.
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') Ah, man — his sister's gonna flip out when I tell her that. Hell, you should find the guys who did it — I could play off that angle. Maybe. C'mon man, I need this.
'''Cole MacGrath''': There is something deeply wrong with you, Zeke.
(In Cole's vision)
'''Dwight''': No, stay away from me! Aghh!
(After Cole's vision ends)
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') You use that psychic-vision-dealy to see the killer?
'''Cole MacGrath''': Hard to make out — looked like a man and a dog or something.
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') Dwight was killed by a dog? Damn! Had a cousin that went the same way. Whew, shouldn't have had an open casket, but ole Smitty wanted one. People were passing out, puking, ah you name it. It was horrible. Still haven't recovered from that one.
(Cole encounters an interested male civilian.)
'''Male civilian''': Holy crap, you're him. It's great what you're doing, the way you're cleaning up this place.
'''Cole MacGrath''': What're those posters supposed to be for?
'''Male civilian''': Just trying something out, you know, spreading the word about ya, what you're doing. Which one do you like?
(Karmic moment)
'''Cole MacGrath''': (''thinking'') Hmm, since this guy is going to hang those up anyway. I might as well decide how people should view me. Do I want them to love me — or fear me?
(Note: Dialogue remains the same regardless of karmic action.)
'''Cole MacGrath''': I like that one.
'''Male civilian''': Right on! I'll print up more of those and start hanging 'em all over the city! It's going to be awesome!
'''Cole MacGrath''': (''to himself'') Zeke is never gonna believe this one.
(Cole stumbles upon a group of scrap crabs.)
'''Cole MacGrath''': You gotta be kidding me.
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') Any luck?
'''Cole MacGrath''': Not yet. Dealing with some crab-things that are running all over the place. I think the transients are making them from old parts.
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') Keep looking, man! Gotta find that trash-bagger that killed Dwight.
(Upon finding the killer)
'''Cole MacGrath''': Finally found your sorry ass.
(After defeating the Conduit)
'''Cole MacGrath''': Hey Zeke, I took care of the guy who greased Dwight. And just so we're clear, this was a one-time deal. I'm not doing this to help you score.
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') I hear you, brother. I owe you a big one.
(After mission is complete)
'''Cole MacGrath''': Hey Zeke, you still on the roof?
'''Zeke Dunbar''': (''phone'') You know it, brother. Trying to hook up with Dwight's sister — you swinging by for a little siesta?
'''Cole MacGrath''': Yeah. See you in a bit.
==An Old Friend==
==An Old Friend==
'''Cole MacGrath''': This doesn't look good.
'''Cole MacGrath''': This doesn't look good.
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